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Andy’s Number Revealed!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 47

Finally! Andy reveals his “number” to a surprised Elizabeth and they answer listener questions about vacations, how to break into entertainment and oh yeah, to go or not to go… to PROM! Enjoy!


joe says:

I didn’t bother with junior or senior prom back when i was in HS in the…oh god…early 1990s. Irony is…I was on student council and organized a lot of the dances as VP. I had zero interest in dressing up…even today I hate wearing any kind of a tie or a suit in general. Instead of senior prom, I went out with a group of friends (male and female) and had dinner, a movie and then a party. way better, in my opinion.

slowestloris says:

I totally get all your reasons for not going on vacation, but I’ve gotta say – a week is nothing. And it can give you so much, just to go to a different place and see new things is so refreshing and energizing. Travel is essential, even if you don’t go very far.

Feetklump says:

Andy if you don’t take regular vacations you will have a major midlife crisis in a few years. The work will never stop coming and if you let it consume you, if you dont learn the art of juggling work with pleasure, to flip the work frame of mind switch off, you’ll wake up before you know it and realize you’re 40 or 50 or 60 and have no clue where your life went and now you can never have it back. I totally get where you’re at, but one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that taking time off regularly to do “nothing”is crucial to sanity and a fulfilled life. Time flies.

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