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Georgia Hardstark!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 177

She’s half of the awesome buddy travel show, Cooking Channel’s “Tripping Out With Alie and Georgia” aka Elizabeth’s most recent girl crushes having super food/drink fun around the country while looking adorable to boot. GEORGIA HARDSTARK dropped by and talked about vintage shopping, why Elizabeth’s mom may have requested a honeymoon in Germany, and oh yes, she and Andy bonded over how weird it was being the only Jews in town! Enjoy!


DT says:

The engagement ring thing kind of gets at my academic research. Whether or not to return the ring was the subject of etiquette debates in the middle part of the 20th century. There were even court cases over them. The debate seemed to turn on two points: 1) who broke off the engagement; 2) did the couple have sex.

If the woman broke of the engagement, the consensus seemed to be that the ring should be returned. If the man broke off the engagement some said the ring should be returned, while others said the ring is basically a down payment by the man – you know, buying a woman – and when he breaks things off, she gets to keep the ring. However, yet others said the ring should be returned unless the couple had sex during the engagement. The idea seemed to be that many men would convince their fiances to have pre-marital sex during the engagement and the ring then served as compensation for her sullied reputation once the engagement is off. But, things get trickier if the couple had sex before the engagement. Then, the woman’s reputation was already sullied and she had no right to expect compensation for continuing to have sex during the engagement.

Cory says:

I worked at a vintage clothing store, and we’d tell customers: It wasn’t that people were smaller back then (I mean, there was less obesity), but a 6-8 is so normal of a size that there are far fewer 6-8 vintage dresses that have survived today; they have been bought and re-bought, and thus worn out.

If I may brag, The Cooking Channel asked me and my friend to do a segment for a show about ice cream (we have a jello website) and wanted us to play up “that CATEYE look”. the TV thing never happened, but I still call anything vintage “that CATEYE look”.

I can’t wait to see the TV show, I think I’ll probably be their biggest fans. I’m only 10 minutes into this TLP ep, and the Alie Ward one was one of the best TLPs. Looking forward to it!

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