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We Gots Some New Wheels!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 75

All hail the Volvo! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the new love of their lives as well as answer listener questions about Facebook update etiquette in relationships, how to navigate raising kids in a veggie/non veggie household, whether or not to continue a crush that requires booze, and how to handle a spouse who’s social behavior is vastly different from your own. Enjoy!


Brian B. says:

I have a book recommendation based on the introvert/extrovert discussion on today’s episode. It’s called “Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that won’t stop talking” by Susan Cain. I’m super introverted, and this book helped me manage social situations a little better, and to “decode” my relationships with extroverts.

I feel your pain (both E & A) on the “checking out issue.”

Several years ago, my wife noted (and eventually complained about bitterly in couples therapy) that I totally fade away whenever we return to my family’s home (in Ann Arbor Michigan — 2,500 miles away from our current home in LA).

The reality is, I spent 18+ years (or at least all of my teen years) “totally fading away” ‘cuz that what most teens do to avoid their irritating parents who “just don’t get me.” So of course, as soon as I get home, I naturally gravitate to my old basement hangout, and disengage from the “family scene.”

I’m getting better, but it’s SO HARD! (possibly because my parents still irritate me — don’t everyone’s parents irritate them?)

Tricia says:

How many 5 star reviews do you want? I bet if you set a goal for the Laimeweds and the prize is that you divulge the details on a future podcast, you’ll be featured on iTunes in no time! says:

I agree with Tricia. And since you divulge tons of intimate details we feel we should revolt against you teasing us so horribly!!

Jill says:

I can’t remember if this is the right episode or not, but I just have to say I’m so glad you guys are watching “Friday Night Lights.” I just watched the entire series on Netflix in about three weeks. So freaking good and I don’t know why Hubs and I never watched when it originally aired.

Keep up the awesome podcasts – love you guys!

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