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100th Episode Extravaganza!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 100

HOLY HELL LAIMEWEDS!! We made it! We are so thrilled to have come this far and owe everything to you~ Tune into today for a very big announcement that we are thrilled to share with you. Love you all!


DT says:

And, congratulations for the pregnancy! Your life is going to change in inexplicable ways. Sorry the pregnancy has been difficult. I hope Andy has been pampering you, Elizabeth.

Cess1Ever says:

Elizabeth & Andy, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that you two are expecting! Elizabeth, I first heard you as a guest on Alison Rosen’s podcast quite some time ago, decided to listen to Totally Laime & then Totally Married as soon as that got up & running. You both are a breath of fresh air, honest & real. I appreciate your openness & willingness to discuss your lives & issues. I believe you will make great parents & all I can do is wish you the best!happy 100th episode too! Here’s to many more!

julien says:

Yeahhhh ! I m so happy for you. I was listening to you and got really emotional in the middle of a shop !!!!! I don t know you but as i m writing this, i m about to cry !!!!!!

Amy says:

Congratulations, you two! I’m a little teary, we all know how much you want and love this little one! I just could not be happier for you. You make all of us listeners feel like a family and the idea of you having your own sweet family of your own is the most beautiful thought.

Julien says:

I want to add something for Elisabeth: it’s normal not to feel connected to your baby right now because the only thing you feel is sickness !!!
My wife will give birth to our daughter in october and to sum up, let’s say that she hates being pregnant ! She is going to be the best mom but carrying life is not easy.

Richard C says:

And thank you!
You guys are so amazing. Every time I start to feel cynical about the concept of love, I remind myself that wonderful couples like you exist in the world.
I love you both.
AND you’re pregnant?! INCREDIBLE!

Erin says:

Congratulations! I have probably never been so excited for someone to get pregnant especially someone I haven’t met. I actually just started to tear up waiting for my morning train. I can’t wait for the Totally Baby podcast.

Randy says:

SUPER CONGRATULATIONS! Both on the 100th Ep, but especially the pregnancy!!! So happy for both of you.

Eagerly awaiting the Totally Parents podcast in a year!

Randy says:

One of the best items my wife and I had from when our son was a baby was a stroller/car seat package that had a base that was used by both, so you could click the seat into the car. This was great as if he was asleep, you can just click the seat out of the car and carry them into the home or where ever you are going. This same seat clicked right into the stroller.

If you have 2 cars, you can get 2 car bases, so you don’t have to move the whole car seat around. Very convenient.

Paige says:

I am creepily excited and happy for two people that I’ve never met before! I cried while listening to this on my walk to work this morning – you’re going to be great parents!

Keep up the good work, in podcasting and in life!

Lolamichelle says:

Elizabeth and Andy!!!!! Congratulations on the pregnancy! Im listening to the podcast, I have tears on my so happy for both of you. Welcome to parenthood is awesome!! Please both of you sleep alot now, before the baby arrive. I love you guys thanks for make my life better by listening to both of you.

robyn says:

hi skin sack w cushioning, and the sperminator!

thanks for all the funny. loveing it all the way from aus. only just discovered.

1. didn’t get the love for my oldest son until about 6 weeks after he was born. i referred to him as ‘the parasite’. And described pregnancy as a runaway train, and you KNOW you are going to crash. good luck. it’s shit.
2. must have, wipey cloths, lots of them, made of sherpa cloth. vom, yoghurt, spilled milk, blood, etc
3. you don’t need all that cataloguey shitza

Michelle says:

Congrats Elizabeth and Andy! I’m so excited for you. I have to admit that I was tearing up on my walk to work because I could just feel how happy you both are. You’re going to make wonderful parents and I can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

And congrats on 100 episodes. That’s quite an accomplisment. I hope there will be 100s more to come.

Love you guys!

Lauren says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so incredibly excited and happy for you two! I listen to both your podcasts and really felt for your pregnancy struggle. So exciting!!!!

Rachel says:

YES! I’m so happy for you guys! I’ve never met you but I feel as joyful as I would for close friends. I can’t wait to follow your journey into parenthood through the podcast. Love and congrats to you both!

Steve says:

Congratulations to you both! Really happy to hear this news. God bless you all with good health through the pregnancy and after.

I for one cannot wait for episodes which are 45 minutes of whispering at 2 in the morning between feedings.

Sar says:


You guys are not sociopaths! Your feelings are completely normal! When you’ve been through infertility and you actually get to the end of that road you’re ALWAYS waiting for the other shoe to drop. Totally normal.

I’m with Randy, Totally Parents Podcast! Yes!

So happy for you guys!!

Derek Wright says:

Congratulations! As a new dad with a 3-month old, I’m looking forward to your humorous take on everything we just went through (and maybe a new host’s questions segment)!

Marlena says:

So I felt like a super nerd when I texted my fellow lamewed after your “An Honest Episode” episode and said, “Elizabeth is totally pregnant, did you listen to that last episode!?” only because I could tell you were sorta freaking out about the responsibilities of the house plus having a baby. I had the exact same freak out on my husband because everything does change and it’s super hard but super awesome.

I know you two are going to be great parents, mainly because of your open communication and open hearts.

Okay, I need to go listen to the rest of this episode; I was just so excited for you I had to stop and comment!
Congrats!! Marlena

p.s. my piece of advice: I wish someone had told me when we had Charlie how truly hard it is to get other stuff done. I went from working full-time to freelance and I thought, “Oh, I will have all kinds of time for work, laundry, making dinner, etc.” and it’s just not true. Just know that the first 3 months you are pretty much dedicated 24 hours a day to that little nugget, but it gets easier, and you won’t be a zombie forever!

Becca says:

Yay!!! I am so happy for you guys! On the whole stroller thing, get one of the big heavy ones second hand if you can in the beginning, as soon as baby can sit up on his own get one of the light fabric ones. I have a 2 year old so I learned this from him. You guys are going to be amazing parents and I am so excited to listen in on your crazy journey! Yay yay yay!

Alyssa says:

Congrats Elizabeth and Andy! Got a little misty eyed when you made your announcement this morning. Looking forward to hearing more as it develops!

Laura N says:

Congratulations Elizabeth & Andy! I teared up when you announced your pregnancy, too! Your audience loves you.
I’m really excited to hear about your plans to breastfeed– good for you!
I’m sure you have a ton of books to read, but I recommend Spiritual Midwifery– gives you confidence in your body and childbirth.

Hooray for you and your growing family!!

Bryan says:

Congratulations! As a father of two, I can totally relate to Andy’s feelings of not quite feeling like it’s real. There seems to be different levels of “realness”. For me, these stages were the first sonogram, the birth (obviously), and the first show of personality a month or two later. The sonogram helped me believe something was happening, the birth made me feel included, and a few months later, she started to seem like a person.

As for things I couldn’t image being without:
1. Miracle blanket – It’s like a baby straight jacket, which sounds horrible, but it has worked very well to swaddle our two daughters to make them feel cozy and sleep soundly.
2. Swing – While I love holding my daughters, a swing offers a nice break.

Melissa says:

CONGRATULATIONS!! So incredibly happy for you both!!! What a joy to hear this news early this morning on my iPod – such a super way to start the day, to be able to celebrate this with you. Thank-you, Elizabeth and Andy, for the privilege and for sharing so much of your life with all of your listeners!

A couple of thoughts I had while listening:

1) Re: breastfeeding: For your baby, call your breasts something you’d want the baby to say aloud in public. πŸ™‚ A friend of mind made the mistake of offering her baby “the boob” during nursing. Now, the toddler points to other women in public and says, “boob!” very proudly showing off his identification skills. It can be cute in some cases, but most women don’t want their boobs pointed out and named for all the world. Ahem.

2) Elizabeth, please, do not feel in the least bit apologetic about complaining about the horribly mis-named “morning sickness”! Yes, of course, you’re excited, happy, and grateful about your new baby, and yes, it’s a wonderful blessing to be able to have a child when many women can’t, but those facts don’t diminish the misery that the months of constant nausea and vomiting is. As you noted, “morning sickness” is a much misunderstood thing, the myths about it in part perpetuated by movies – where, oops, a woman vomits off-screen or daintily once, and then presto, baby arrives! -and by vocal women who don’t suffer extended morning sickness and say things like, “oh, it’s no problem, I just eat a cracker in the morning, and I’m fine! – and sadly, by the medical community, who is also dismissive in large part because so little time and research has been put into the problem.

And it IS a problem – happily, a small problem for many women, but terribly, a very serious, even life-threatening problem for others. It is believed that the novelist Charlotte Bronte died of it, and women today would, too, were it not for relatively recent anti-nausea medication, for IV’s, and feeding tubes. In the severest cases, women cannot eat or drink during their entire pregnancies. A high percentage of women under such severe suffering choose to abort though they very much wanted to be pregnant – the trauma is so severe.

I suffered such severe morning sickness – hyperemesis, if we call it its better name – for two pregnancies, 5 month stretches in each, before I finally crawled back to life and began to be happy again in the final months of my pregnancy. In the first pregnancy, particularly, when I was not under close doctor supervision, my weight loss spun out of control, and I suffered dehydration and all of the horrible things that go along with that. (Let’s just say I spent many hours weeping in the bathroom – or at least, trying to weep. My eyes were literally dry; I could not cry I was so dehydrated.)

And I should be clear. I love my children. Love them so much. I look at them, and I can never say that what happened wasn’t worth it. They give me so much joy every day, and I marvel at their lives and their individual beings. But I think it’s a mistake to pretend that for many women pregnancy is a joy. It isn’t. It can be really, really hard. One of the hardest things your body will ever do.

And Elizabeth, I’m so glad you are honest. That kind of honesty gives hope and encouragement to other women who are having a rough time in a pregnancy; we women can have so much guilt about feeling miserable because we know we’re supposed to be happy and because we know so many women can’t have children. But that guilt isn’t right. If something is difficult, it should be named as such. And each woman’s experience is individual, and no one can tell a woman how she’s supposed to feel during a pregnancy. Reams of books are written about pregnancy and childbirth, and so many women shared their experiences with me, but none of them matched me and my experience exactly, helpful as much of the facts and advice were. My experience was my own.

So keep being honest, Elizabeth – and Andy, too! – about all that you’re feeling, emotionally,intellectually, physically . Only you can really say what you’re own experience is! No guilt, no apologies.

Love you two, and again, I’m so excited for you in this new phase of your life!

kels837 says:

So super excited for you two! πŸ™‚ This news made my week! My daughter is now 18 months and one item we have LOVED and continue to love is our Maclaren stroller. They are sooooo lightweight, easy to maneuver, and easy to fold. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference all of that makes. You can use certain brands from newborn up to like 65 lbs! The only thing that bummed me out was that it didn’t have an adapter to fit the infant carseat, BUT just today I saw a friend of mine with a MacLaren XLR and she had a universal carseat adapter with her infant inside! I was so excited and wish I had known about this earlier. On their website it says that none of their strollers are carseat compatible, which is weird, because hers clearly worked with her carseat. Here is the website if you’re interested:,default,pd.html

Sorry, I know this was a boring post, but that stroller is amazing for us to this day! Congrats again and can’t wait to hear more about your journey together! xoxo

Keli says:

Congratulations E & A!

My advice would be to subscribe to Consumer Reports online. That way, you can compare and contrast all the different baby products based on safety and functionality. I wish I would have subscribed before my first child was born. Embarrassingly, I bought an expensive stroller (figured it must be good because it cost more) that I later learned was listed as “do not buy” by Consumer Reports because of safety issues.

There are a million baby product inventions out there and when I was a new mom I was so nervous about doing it right that I bought a lot of them. When I had my second child it was a different story because I had the hang of things. I think that happens to a lot of moms/parents. So, just go with your gut and you’ll figure out what is right for you.

Best product I used: Ergo baby carrier. We used it til each child was 3. It was great for carrying kids around Disneyland or the zoo and even on family hikes.

Brian says:

You guys! I had a feeling that this was going to be the big announcement (good fakeout with the new audio gear, btw) but, all the same, when you two announced the news I literally cheered out loud. I share an office with two others people and listen to your podcast through headphones, so you can imagine how weird that probably looked!

I’m SOOOO happy for you, and it must have killed you to hold that secret in until episode 100!

Cindy says:

Congratulations! I’m so exticed for you both. Welcome to parenthood, and never sleeping and poop everywhere! Haha I can’t wait to hear those stories. πŸ™‚

Chris says:

Congratulations. Love the show and so happy to see you get what you want! The same thing happened to my in-laws; a lot of waiting, a lot of medical concern, and a lot of love for the baby once she arrived. Enjoy!

Emilio says:

Wow, just WOW, I’m so happy for you guys, after listening to your struggles and disappointments, it’s soooo great to hear/read this news, Congratulations from Chile!

Sarah says:

Congratulations! I started listening to Totally Married a few weeks ago and have been busy catching up. And I’m so happy to have joined your band of listeners at this exciting time! My son was born in April 2012, and I happily pass along to every other expecting couple the following recommendations for useful items and the following advice: don’t sweat the stuff. You need a lot less than the baby industry tries to sell you. Consider holding off on big purchases until your baby arrives. It’s hard to know what’s going to work for you and your baby until he or she is here. (ex: β€œOh no, my baby hates when I sit down while I try to get him/her to calm down and sleep, now I have to return/sell that enormous glider rocking chair everyone told me I need!”) The only specific thing you absolutely need in advance is a car seat. Spend as little time as possible in big box stores – it’s overwhelming and over-stimulating on any given day, much less when you have a pregnant body. Have fun, try not to fret about any one thing too long, and keep/protect your lovely senses of humor as much as you can. And, yay!

My go-to product list:
Fisher Price rock and play (babes easily sleep or sit and play in this, fits in car trunk for visits/trips)

Cloud b Sleep Sheep (white noise machine for crib)

Happiest Baby on the Block (tips for calming, soothing, and getting babies to sleep)

Caring for your Baby: birth to age 5 (Great resource on development and illness questions)

Muslin swaddling blankets (for swaddling, crib or stroller in warm weather, or coverage while nursing)

Aveeno baby wash and shampoo (gentle on skin, non-offensive non-smelly scent)

Infant Legwarmers (great paired with a shirt or onesie for easy diaper changes and temperature changes)

kimono style onesies/shirts (much easier than pulling shirts over infant heads)

Katie says:

Congratulations you guys! I somehow suspected it. πŸ™‚

Looking forward to the baby talk on the podcast! πŸ˜‰


Jess says:

Just a note on not feeling bonded-definitely didn’t happen until 2 weeks after he was born when my parents finally left our house (things had grown contentious) and we were finally responsible all by ourselves. It was a get your shit together moment that made our bond.

Now, I am pregnant with number 2 and I am already dreading the sleepless nights that come with the first few months. I love being a working mom but it is definitely not all butterflies and rainbows.

Alyssa says:

The fact that I definitely teared up when I heard your announcement probably means I listen to your podcasts waaay to much! I’m REALLY excited for you two, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts throughout the process! Yay! Your kid is gonna be hilarious πŸ™‚

Becky says:

Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you guys! I smiled the whole way through the episode πŸ™‚ I’m so glad this has finally happened for you and I wish you guys the best as you set off on this new, awesome adventure–congrats! And here’s to a hundred more episodes.

Pia Adolphsen says:

So excited! Congratulations! This is my can’t live without baby item:

Also just know that for baby 1, you will get tons of stuff that you don’t need, and for baby 2, you will buy 1/20th of the stuff.

Let us all know when you guys register! And if you ever need nursing advice (if you’re planning on nursing, which it sounded like you are), let me know, I’m a la leche league leader πŸ™‚

Lauren says:

Congratulations, you guys!!! It was so exciting to hear your announcement, just like two friends telling me the news! I misted up in the car a bit. Can’t wait to hear all about your “journey” throughout your pregnancy, Elizabeth, and how much you’ll “nurture the thing that loves you back” when he or she is born! Hehehe! πŸ˜‰

Alana says:

Count me in as one of the folks who teared up a little at your announcement! Congratulations guys!! I especially got all emotional when I thought back to a couple episodes ago when Elizabeth got very intense when Andy gave a good response to a question, and Elizabeth said something to the affect of “You’re gonna be such a great dad, Andy!” It means so much more now πŸ™‚

Love you guys!

ThisJM says:

I KNEW IT!!! Not sure why but I could feel it and am SO HAPPY for you!! Congrats! I am probably 2 weeks or so behind you and girrrrl I feel your pain, ugh!

OK baby gear: You don’t need most of that shit. Necessities:

– Nipple cream – get in the habit of using it in your last month and after the baby comes keep it going even if you feel like you don’t need it, you do.

– A microwave heat bag and boobie re-usable ice packs. The hear will come in handy with any back pain or sciatica while preggers and I used it to soothe engorgement on the tops and sides of my breasts after birth. The ice packs on the nips.

– SARAH suggested these and I agree “Muslin swaddling blankets (for swaddling, crib or stroller in warm weather, or coverage while nursing)
So many uses, echoing above plus fits as a pack n’ play sheet, burp rag, to line a car seat when its hot, and I still use them for my three-year-old as a big hankie for when she has a cold. My best tip for them is putting one draped over your arm so that when you nurse there is a cotton layer between you and the baby. The skin-to-skin can get quite sweaty for both of you at times.

– Definitely go with the two bases thing for the car seat and hear is a tip. If you get the one that comes as a combo with the stroller the seat is actually smaller than one bought separately. My daughter was small but even still she seemed very cramped and I will not go this route with our next one. Buy the car seat new. most other stuff can be second-hand but check recalls and nothing more that a couple two-tree years old.

– Stroller: I have a Combi $100-ish nicer umbrella stroller which I love and the car seat actually fit into it nicely. This was great as a mobile sleeper when my daughter was little because the seat goes all the way back to almost flat and it was easy enough to have her next to us sleeping at a restaurant or at a family event without the pack n’ play.

We also had a jogging stroller. I loved this because you could lock the front wheel when running (which was maybe twice) or make it swivel. The swivel is key because you can easily turn the stroller with one hand – which you will need to do. Highly recommend one of these just for mobility’s sake. Get one with a cup holder for your coffee and plenty of storage underneath.

– Swing – some kids don’t take to them but most seem to and it can be vital to your sanity or ability to shower!

– Baby sling/carrier – I got a second-hand Bjorn for cheap that was great for my hubs and I both and I also had this really long fabric strip type that is daunting to figure out how to use but once you get it is great especially for nursing. I got it at target.

– First Aid stuff and baby-sized nail files which I found much easier to use than clipping tiny nails for the first several months

– If you will pump get a good one – I used Medela electric double pump, pricey but worth it if you need to pump. yuck at about $400 though. Also storage bags that stand up.

– Tommee Tippee was the best bottles for us. Wide mouth, easy to clean and an awesome “system” for storing portions of formula powder when I started supplementing. Get one and try it. Do not commit to any bottle entirely without testing them or you will have $60 of Dr. Browns that the baby hates. Adiri Natural Nursers were great too.

– A Boppy: Bring it to the hospital with you

– Electric candles or other dim night lights – vital

– Forgo the cute round bassinet – They are great if you plan to put it in the nursery then take it down and put the crib up later but not practical IMO. Instead I had a portable one that fit right up next to my bed and with diaper stuff stored underneath. The top part was also removable like a basket so I could take her near the bathroom without waking her to shower. I found this for $50 at a consignment shop and will look again. This one

– Pads like these, they come in different sizes with a soft outside layer and waterproof inside. Put them under crib and bassinet sheets so if there is an accident it is a quick change and the mattress stays good. Also great mobile changing pads.

Alright that is enough for now. Congrats again! BTW I am totally stealing the cake idea. It will be a great way to include our little big sister in the baby hype by letting her cut into the cake with us!

xoxo! Jenn

PS: Will be reading Lean In. Thanks for sharing my job-hunt question recently and for all the listener responses!

Jen says:

I feel kind of weird being so excited for two people I don’t know! Hopefully I can keep myself from telling someone “oh my friends just found out they’re pregnant!”, cause I’m not a stalker. But so many congratulations to you guys! Happy to share the journey with you through the podcasts πŸ™‚

maggie strate says:

OMG! Elizabeth & Andy! I am so happy for you two! Congratulations! I feel like you are earbud family and I was genuinely tearing up happy for you! Totally Baby here we come!

Monica says:

Well, I never saw that coming!!! My jaw fell open as I listened today. Congrats on the pregnancy!

I’ve been listening since episode 1 and can’t believe you’ve hit 100 already. Congrats on that too.

By the way, the new audio equipment sounds great on blue tooth in my car. I almost feel like you’re in the car with me!

Ann McL. says:

CONGRATULATIONS! I’m SO SO SO happy for you both! I had a premonition last week that you were pregnant, Elizabeth. I realized that you hadn’t talked about getting preggo for a while, AND you have seemed, shall we say, more emotional lately. πŸ˜‰

Don’t worry about complaining about how crappy you feel, Elizabeth. Pregnancy and parenthood aren’t always easy, no matter how much you want kids. As a mother of three, though, I feel it is all worth it! You two will be great parents. I wish you much joy!

Murtaza says:

So happy for you for you guys! Just heard in the beginning of the episode right now, you two are gonna be awesome. wait did you not tell us, 3.5 months! I’m impressed. Back to the episode, congrats on the lamewod growing in your belly. @Andy good job man congrats to you too.

christina says:

CONGRATS! i am so happy for both of you. welcome to the “club”! elizabeth, i didnt feel connected to my son when i was pregnant and now he is my biggest fan (and i his) so dont worry. as you said, you are not alone. and andy, my son is 2 and i still cant even believe that i even have a kid so that feeling will probably never leave πŸ™‚

here is my advice about the stroller. get a good, expensive umbrella stroller (maclaren is the best!) and a not so pricey bigger stroller (i suggest the bob jogging stroller). we made the mistake of getting a ridiculously expensive big stroller and it was so annoying to use! it is hard to get in and out of the car, around in stores, friends houses, etc (and we got a great brand too). a good umbrella stroller as well as a good carrier (ergo is the best) is all you need really.
oh and get a good chair/rocker for nursing! you will be using it a lot.

one other tip – while you are pregnant, dont just read about being pregnant/labor. read about what to do/expect with the baby once he/she arrives. sleep tips, feeding tips, etc. when my son arrived there were so many things that i didnt know (how to get him to sleep was the biggest). i wish i would have been more prepared for the next step.

congrats again! it will be hell at times, but it is 100% worth it.

Ryan says:

I texted my fellow laimewad about the news and he got so excited that he subscribed to totally married just so he could listen to the announcement. Congrats!

Becca says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! As soon as you said ou had an announcement I wished so hard that this was it! As connected as you feel to your listeners, I’m sure we all feel connected to you. I told my fiancΓ© as soon as he walked in the door. My heart is so happy for you two as I know it’s been a long journey but. Wish you three (well five if you count Ruby and Ramona) the very best, looking forward to hearing more.

Also, congratulations on 100 episodes, I haven’t missed one and have enjoyed them all!

Lara says:

Congratulations you two! I totally teared up when you revealed the big news. You are going to be awesome parents and I can’t wait to hear all about your journey. Yay!!!!!

Melissa says:

Ok. I cried. I am not an emotional person but I cried. CONGRATS! The girls are going to make great older sisters! Be ready for a TON of advice, tips and tricks! I’m so excited for you.

Bill Allen says:

I had been wondering, since you guys hadn’t talked about your issues with conceiving recently, that something was up. Congrats. This will add such a great layer to TM Podcast. We internet strangers are all very happy for you.

Chris says:

Congratulations! So glad it has finally happened for you guys. After listening to all of Totally Married and almost all of Totally Laime it feels like I know you guys and was hearing this from close friends.

As a big fan of Erin McGathy and her podcast as well it’s very cool that she will be involved in the big gender/cake reveal.

Your new audio equipment sounds excellent. Please keep up the great work and congrats again!

B says:

Congratulations guys! Can’t wait to hear your take on pregnancy and early babyhood, as I am right behind you in the process and your humorous and honest advice will be extremely welcome. Elizabeth, tried magnesium, B & D vitamins for morning sickness? SO excited for you!

shannon says:

Am so excited for you both, its going to be hard and fun and annoying and exhausting and great! I have three girls and they are a combination of pain in the arses and hilarious nutbags. And I guess with no.1 I had everything all the propaganda tells you to get – by no.3 I had whittled it down to –

Baby sling ( think mine was something called rockin mama or some shizz like that) it meant i could walk, cook, work etc.. with baby on me. I much preferred the fabric ones over a baby bjorn style.
Dummies and Bottles – even if you say you are going to breast feed and not use dummies, keep em’ around just in case.
Anything that will sooth nipples, its gross but true.
Dim light for kids room to feed by, we used a string of lights hung around a pic – did the job and looked cute.

There is so much unnecessary crap out there, but you know what – you’ll work it out. Muchos excitement!!

Liz says:

Laimewed from IA, OVERJOYED with your news. Seriously had to call my mom and tell her about it, I just wanted somebody to know how pumped I was. Though we’ve never met, I’ve been praying and rooting for you guys since you first mentioned your fertility struggles last fall. So happy for you that it finally worked out!

Dustin says:

when i heard big announcement…I was really hoping this was gonna be it. huge congrats!!! all those bullshit cliches about kids are true…you will see.

Michael says:

Congrats y’all!

i just wanted to comment on the subject of getting spontaneous baby-related mail … I heard this story on the radio once about this father of a 16-year-old girl who contacted Target, irate, because they were sending his daughter ads for baby stuff. He was pissed because Target apparently believed his innocent daughter was pregnant, when, of course, she COULDN’T be. Turned out, she was. Target put her on the list of mommy-customers the moment she bought her first bottle of pre-natal vitamins!

Meghan says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who started crying when I heard your news! A few weeks ago my husband and I were talking about how even though we never met you guys we’re rooting for both of you in everything you do. We love the show and are so happy for both of you!! Congrats from Iowa

Rashelle says:

Congratulations Elizabeth and Andy! I got a bit misty eyed when you announced the pregnancy. The deep relationship you both have fostered with your listeners through this podcast enables a unique feeling of friendship and community; I could not be more genuinely happy for you two. I think you guys are going to be excellent and loving parents πŸ™‚

As far as pregnancy advice, I do not have any of my own, but I highly recommend this blog:
I feel that Amanda describes pregnancy and parenthood in a refreshingly honest manner. The comments section is also a wonderful resource with the musings of other experienced mothers as well. She also has a few “best of” lists for baby toys, pregnancy bathing suits, etc.

Best of luck, and I look forward to updates in future episodes!

Caelen says:

Elizabeth!!! Andy!!!
As a laimewad who has listened to every episode of both shows, I’m not ashamed to admit that upon hearing your awesome news, I simultaneously happy cried and broke into a celebratory dance during my mid morning run. You guys are smart, funny, and incredibly talented. You brighten more lives than you can imagine. All good indications of being kick ass parents. So excited listen in on this new chapter!

Yay! says:

Congrats Elizabeth ‘n’ Andy! Been hoping for this to happen for so so so long. Am so excited for you.

Please excuse one more piece of unsolicited advice: you may sometimes feel a pressure to put your kid’s needs ahead of your partner’s – maybe by working crazy hours to help pay the bills, or maybe by spending crazy hours dragging the kid from activity to activity – and while it can feel like you’ll be doing these things for the kid, you’ll actually be most helpful to your kid by modeling a sensitive and loving relationship, where the two of you are visibly attuned to your partner’s needs, make time to be with one another, and provide a stable and loving home. Of course you didn’t need me to say this, because you are both incredibly committed to one another and to your marriage, and I am confident that this will only deepen as you parent together.

Again, congrats! Your news made me really, really happy for the whole day at work. Most of your shows do, in fact, but you’re right, episode 100 was extra special. =)

P.S. Maybe you can have Biz Ellis or Theresa Thorn (from the One Bad Mother podcast) as guests on Totally Laime!

Bacon says:

Congratulations Elizabeth and Andy! I teared up just hearing your voice when you said you had an announcement. I was SO hoping that you were prego! Silly since I’ve never met you, but the love you two have really shines through your show.

I don’t have children by choice, and I’m not a huge “babies/kids” person, but I am still looking forward to hearing honest stories about the challenges and triumphs of your growing family! And cute bebe stories πŸ™‚

You two are going to make amazing parents. I’m glad you’re bringing a new future awesome human into this world, and that I can still count on you to discuss broth in laws and smelly underpants.

Renee says:

OMG! I’m so excited for you two! I cried when I heard your awesome news! I’ve listened to every episode of both of your podcasts and look forward to every one. Congrats!!! Totally!

Chris says:

I’m sad that we only found out 3 months into her pregnancy. I was thinking they’d talk about it right away and then we’d get to hear updates on it as it was happening to her.

MrsJrHall says:

Just a little tip…. take a Infant CPR Class. You never know when this may come in handy. I found out the hard way. I gave my baby sister a lifesaver while we were dining in a Denny’s. Lets just say… I am so thankful my parents had taken the class. Who knew…. Babies can’t have lifesavers !!!

Kayla says:

Congrats on the little baby!!! When you guys said it my tummy did a little flip like my two real-life friends as this amazing news!

Oh and a suggestion on how to refer to your breasts in relation to the baby, I personally like: “reservations for one”


laura b says:

OH. MY. GOD! so, i listen to the podcast while i get ready for work in the mornings and heard your great news while i was in the shower. i screamed WOOOOOOO!!!! at the top of my lungs! i know my husband thinks i’m crazy!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Elizabeth and Andy!!!!!!!!! i am overjoyed! for you both! and ruby and ramona, too! i seriously cried! what AWESOME news! πŸ™‚

Jason says:

Congratulations to you two!

Elizabeth you are right no one talks about how hard pregnancy can be! My wife explained it the best. With each of the three pregnancies she went through each had their own ups And downs, but each shared one thing in common, your body is no longer yours. Part of the deal of creating life is you basically give up the right to any control over what happens over the next while! Enjoy! LOL.

I am so happy for you guys.

You guys talked about bonding! From a Dads point of view, I fell in love with all my kids from the moment they were born. Though I didn’t bond with them until they were a little more interactive. The first while after they are born, all they want is the person who is feeding them! If you nurse Elizabeth well this will be you, and you only. Don’t get me wrong you will still have chances to try and bond Andy ie diaper changing (lots of it). When they start to be more aware of their surroundings, and interact, like giggle because of a funny face or sound you make, that was when the major bonding happened for me.

Jesse says:

Thank You for the countless hours of entertainment, I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Congrats on the baby! You guys are amazing, and I’m so grateful that you’re willing to share your experiences with us.

As a brand new father (my son just turned 2 months), let me give you some advice Andy: no matter how much she blames on the pregnancy, you never get to say things like “I know you’re upset, but it’s probably just the hormones”. I know it’s not fair, but those words can only come out of her mouth πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work, and don’t feel too much pressure to keep the content coming every week. You have the best possible excuse to miss a week or put up lack-luster episodes πŸ™‚

Is it too early to throw my hat in the ring as your first married/parent couple?

Daniel says:

So so thrilled for both of you. In the time I’ve been listening to Totally Laime / Married, I’ve gotten engaged and then married myself! It’s so happy to get to share in your happiness and your vulnerability.

Love you both,


Anna says:

Congrats!!!!!! I have to say I’m NOT not a crier but when you announced that you were pregnant I burst into happy tears. in public.. it was embarrassing. I genuinely longed for this to happen for you two. I know you will make the most amazing parents together and I look forward to hearing about the whole process. You’re the only podcast I listen to and getting to know you over the past 100 episodes has been amazing! Ahhh I’m so happy for you!

Michael says:


Here are some shopping items for your registry:
– Car seat / stroller combo so that the “basket” can be clicked out of one and into the other.
– Bassinet that vibrates (gives them a similar feeling to the womb and also gets them used to things not being totally still during sleep). I recommend the Pack N Play which has both a bassinet and a changing table attached. You’ll get years of use out of that combo, and it’s so nice to have it all portable.
– Infant swing (perfect for their mellow times when you need to a get little housework done or they need movement to fall asleep)

Alia says:

Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you two! You will be amazing parents. This kid is going to be very open-minded and loving because of you guys. I think that this being Totally Married, Totally Dogs, Totally Cats, and now Totally BABY is a fantastic thing!!

flory says:

Great 100th episode, it was totally worth the build-up since like episode 95!
I am so happy for the two of you! Congratulations on the baby to come!
Thanks to your podcasts I feel like we’re close friends by now, which makes the news of your happiness all the more intense!

Jessica says:

Congratulations Elizabeth and Andy! What a lucky little one to get such awesome parents as you two! Your news was my “roses” during roses and thorns at dinner tonight, and my whole family (2 little boys and husband) thought it was super exciting too! My baby “must have” recommendation to you is a Boppy. I used mine every day for nearly 5 years, and give one to all my friends who are expecting as a gift.
Elizabeth, if you haven’t seen it already you should watch “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. A cheesy movie, but you will relate to what Elizabeth Banks’character goes through I’m sure!
And not to worry, you will soon feel the connection to your baby so tremendously it will quite simply make all other love pale in comparison. As Carly Simon so eloquently puts it, “from the moment I first saw you, from the second that you were born, I knew that you were the love of my life, quite simply the love, the great love of my life.”
Welcome to the club! We are so happy you have joined us!!!

RM says:

I am a grown man that has never met you, but my eyes actually welled up when I heard the news. Congrats! Can’t wait to listen in as you guys go through this exciting adventure!

Jordan says:

You guys! Congratulations!! I feel like I have some investment in this child, even though I have no actually connection, lol. I am so happy for you both. I cannot wait to hear more about your pregnancy, and I hope it goes more smoothly for the rest.
You will both be great parents- I have NO doubt.
Love you guys!
Again, Congrats!!! πŸ˜€

Erik says:

Wow, what great news!

It’s ok for dad to say “we are pregnant” – a little awkward but more polite than “I impregnated her…”

I think the restaurant term you’re looking for is a “seating,” but if you end up with twins you will have a “2-top”

Second what @YAY! wrote- I couldn’t improve on that. Also, please take good care of your mental health; the stress of infertility and a difficult pregnancy can kick your ass later even when you think you’ve survived the initial problem. I think the way you share so candidly on the podcast will be a big help. It can be fun to read up and prepare re. all the baby stuff, but nothing has to be perfect in order for your child to thrive, so please don’t stress out over it.

Congrats also on ep #100: even though we haven’t met, it’s easy to feel like you are friends and it’s good to hear you feel the same about us listeners/ writer-inners.

Danielle says:

Congrats on the baby! I was smiling from ear-to-ear while listening on my walk this afternoon!

Also, it’s super cool that you’re having Erin McGathy do your cake. I actually found out about Totally Married from an episode of This Feels Terrible!

Bill says:

How thrilling! I’ve been listening for a while now and always kinda rooting for this news. A fantastic way to celebrate 100 episodes. It’s been so clear how eager you are to totally expand your family (see what I did there) and I’m glad this one dream is closer to being realized for you.

It’s really a pretty cool thing you two are doing sharing so much of your lives with so many strangers and being lots of fun as you do so.

By the way, I thought the new recording sounded great.

Stephanie says:

I am 41 and I have 2 kids ages 10 and 6.

Things I recommend:
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
Dr. Sears The Baby Book
Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kid by Dr. Laura Markham
Hold on to Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld
The Business of Being Born Documentary Film
New Native baby sling or other baby sling

Find a La Leche League meeting near you and go to a meeting before you have the baby – I did diaper free with my second child. It was AMAZING. I changed FIVE poopy diapers for him in his entire life! I did normal potty training with the first. I know this is pretty out there for most people, but I am telling you it was amazing.

I highly recommend you hire a doula! Someone totally on your team at the hospital. This can really help the dad not feel so overwhelmed.

Cheryl says:

Hey guys, I have a couple of thoughts about your great news. For Andy, there are great books out there about impending fatherhood. After my husband read one, he was a lot more understanding and empathetic about the changes I was going through. For instance, when Elizabeth gets her appetite back, make sure you don’t delay, even a few minutes when she needs to eat. Pregnant women can go from zero to ravenous in a very short time, and I can remember sitting in a restaurant sobbing until they brought me crackers, because my husband had waited such a long time to get ready before we finally got to the place. Elizabeth, there are myriad good books, but one I think you’ll like is called A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. I didn’t agree with everything (I’m a teetotaler, yet she didn’t mind a glass of wine every once in a while) but the book is funny as hell). She has another one after that about the first year, which you’ll want to read if you like the first one. Elizabeth, be prepared to be irrational from time to time as your body changes and your hormones rage. Go with it, you’ll be better soon (my baby is 14 and I should get my sanity back any year now). And talk to your doctor now about visiting nurse visits after you come home and possible support for postpartum depression. Let all your girlfriends help you, laundry, meals, housecleaning, all those things will be appreciated when you bring that baby home and try and get sleep. You have a lot of girlfriends out here in cyberland and we’re all pulling for you both!

Alex says:

After all the talk of wanting to get pregnant when you finally do you are Totally Bumming Out. What you described sounds pretty horrible, definitely not what I imagined pregnancy to be either. I’m sure it will get a lot better though;

It’s so surreal I’ve been listening to you guys talk about trying to get pregnant for a while and just like that, the wait is over. Congrats on the baby!! (new podcast Totally Baby? lol).

Side Note/Question: Do you think Ruby will be jealous of the baby?

Jessica says:

Congratulation! I could not be happier for you three πŸ™‚ My only advice for you is don’t listen to advice. Every pregnancy and motherhood is personal and do what you feel is right for you. You two will be fab parents! Jx

Brian says:

Congratulations Elizabeth and Andy! I’ve been following your podcasts for a while now. I first heard you two when you guested on “The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness” (which btw is pretty much defunct now). So I have a pretty good idea of how big a deal this is. I’m sure you will both be excellent parents. Your sense of humor will be very usefull in the years to come.

Also the podcast sounded great. You voices, to me anyway, had a clearer, more natural sound to them.

Also, way to go on 100 episodes. Good job.

AuntieStephnie says:

Elizabeth and Andy! You guys! Congratulations! I’ve only been listening to your podcasts for a few months, but I’m a marathon listener, so I’m almost caught up.

I too have had a hard time getting pregnant. My husband and I have been “trying” (more like not using protection) since we got married. That was 7.5 years ago. Two years ago, we decided to start seeing a doctor for help. Two years of failed procedures, thousands of dollars, and the craziest ups and downs (from hormones and disappointment), and we still haven’t conceived. We started doing acupuncture a few months ago, and are excited to see what comes happens. With that said, I just have to tell you how truly happy I am for you. Not many people talk about how hard it is to try and try and try and fail at getting pregnant. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear you be able to laugh and joke about it, even if it still stung. Thank you for sharing that journey with us. For me, I found comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone.

Congratulations and thank you for 100 episodes!

Nathan says:

Wonderful. I knew what the big announcement was going to be when I saw the episode, but it was beautiful hearing you two talk about it. I cried in a grocery store after work while listening. Thanks for sharing so much with us. And good luck!

emily says:

Congrats guys! I don’t have any kids (not in the plans for another few years), but I did read “Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting” just because I like reading about French culture and it was super interesting and also just a fun, non-text book read about parenting. I really recommend it! You’ll find out how to get your baby to sleep through the night (apparently all French babies do by 3 mo), have them breast feed on your schedule and get your kids to love escargot and haricot-verts!Γ©bΓ©-Discovers-Parenting/dp/1594203334

Erika says:

Hi Elizabeth and Andy – Congratulations on the big news!

When I was pregnant, my friend gave me some resources that I found super helpful in answering pregnancy and breastfeeding questions and in deciding what kind of birth experience I wanted to have, etc. & I’ve been passing them along to my pregnant friends ever since …

Netflix the movie “The Business of Being Born.” It’s crazy eye opening and informational (there’s live birth footage in there too).
Dr. Sears has some awesome info – I also highly recommend his book over “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” It goes through month by month what’s going on with your body physically and emotionally, etc. It was a really nice resource. His whole line is awesome actually. I found his book on vaccines a really great neutral resource after hearing/reading conflicting opinions about whether or not to vaccinate.
Awesome general info/mommy board resource
Awesome site for breastfeeding info and other stuff
Worth a watch – mom and baby dance – breastfeeding
This was my friend’s favorite website.

So that was from her – I also liked …
This is seriously THE breastfeeding moms resource center. There’s a bunch of other info too, but most use it for BF-ing I think.
I liked this website, but mostly I liked (and still do) their FB page. You can message them questions about baby/pregnancy/feeding etc., or registry/bottle/stroller advice etc. that they’ll post anonymously for you & the followers will answer your question – it was super helpful.
A nice list of safe(r) seafood
If it’s close to “go time” and your baby is breech or something, this website shows you things you can do to help baby position his/herself into proper birthing position.
A MUST read if you’re planning on pumping BM at work (if you have a regular job ha)
Simple homemade baby food recipes that look good

Also, I’m part of a secret group on FB made up of new moms/moms-to-be that’s been really supportive and helpful. I was really grateful for it – especially while home by myself on maternity leave. It was nice to have other ladies in the same boat to ask questions to.

Cris S says:

Super stoked for you guys, I’m a father of 3 (2 girls 1 boy). The best Dad products are #1, get a kid carrier with a canopy (Kelty), not only can you get outside ( and believe me you’ll need to get outside) but it acts as a hands free device, so the munchkin can be occupied and you can email, call, text, pee … all the essentials. 2nd best Dad product is the baby seat for the front of your bike (REI). Baby loves being in front, wind in the face and they aren’t staring at dad’s gigantic arse.

You guys will be just fine, don’t over think it and go with the flow. (Chardonnay really helps)

Erika says:

I almost forgot! You asked what MUST HAVE baby items we had…

1. My son is 10 months old and right now, anything that can contain him is a lifesaver! haha. We got a set of baby gates that can lock together in a big oval on the floor, or you can take them apart and block doorways, electronics, etc. We love them.

2. Co-sleeping is kind of weird to some people, but this co-sleeper we got butts up against the side of the bed like a little sidecar and made the first couple of months of breastfeeding and caring for baby at night SUPER helpful and less scary. It was the Arm’s Reach Mini Co-sleeper. The first couple months can be nerve-racking/VERY tiring, especially at night, so it was really nice having our son right there next to me, easy to see, easy to get to, easy to “pat” back to sleep, easy to nurse, etc.

3. Nursing bras are awesome, but sports bras work just as well. You’ll definitely want some comfort for “the girls” now throughout pregnancy, and afterwards.

Now here, is my unsolicited advice … πŸ˜‰

– You need about 1/4 of what everyone tells you.

– We registered at Target and Amazon because not only can you get just about anything with a gift card to either, but they also give you a discount on whatever’s left on your registry after the shower πŸ˜‰

– You mentioned that you were worried about whether or not you’ll be able to breastfeed: Breastfeeding absolutely sucks for the first couple of weeks. Just keep at it, power through those first couple weeks and you and baby will be pros πŸ˜‰

– If anyone wants to come over and make you food/clean after you have the baby, LET them. It sounds stupid, but you have no idea what kind of a relief that will be.

– Make some of your favorite foods to store in the freezer for easy meals for after baby arrives. It makes life easier.

– Rest when baby rests. It sounds dumb, and maybe unnecessary and all you’re thinking is “omg I could get so much done while he/she sleeps!” but you’ll need it. It’s therapeutic.

– We’re kind of middle-of-the-road natural/not-so-natural parents as far as caring for Charlie – for example: we cloth diaper during the day, but he pees so heavily at night that it just makes sense for us to use disposables at night. It saves a buttload of money and the environment. With whatever anyone has to tell you, do whatever you feel is most comfortable, what you feel is right, what you feel you can handle as a family and don’t worry about what anyone tells you is the “right/wrong” way to do things. It’s impossible to weed through all the information and opinions out there. Educate yourself, stay informed, but don’t stress.

Listen you guys, this isn’t even half of the information I have upstairs in my brain that is worth sharing on baby/pregnancy/birth etc. haha (I had a lot of time to research/gather advice from all kinds of sources when I was pregnant). If you have questions/looking for feedback on anything, just give a hollar as my husband and I just went through this. I’m just about oozing with information so ask away πŸ™‚

Congratulations again!

Anna says:

Congratulations!!! Such exciting and fantastic news :))))) Lots of joy in our household for yours (and a few mini happy tears, like many of the above listeners), this journey you’ve invited the listeners to be a part of is so special and I would consider it a brave thing too so thank you!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, make sure to keep us updated though despite Andy saying this won’t turn into the baby podcast, you could have a 3 minute update slot every Monday episode or something for the super keenos haha
All three of my mum’s pregnancies were plagued with through the day morning sickness for nearly 7 months, right up until the end so I do hope yours subsides somewhat.

(Also on a sidenote Elizabeth I am so pleased that you speak to mental illness and that Andy supports it. My partner doesn’t believe depression is a ‘thing’ as he puts it, like it’s not medical or whatever, even though I try to explain about seratonin levels and stuff, he won’t acknowledge it as a legitimate condition to be treated and thinks that when I get down it’s directly related to solely him and it’s his fault I feel upset. Many times I’ve explained this to be total crap and he kind of needs to get over himself but hey ho, just a little dollop of greatfulness there)

You guys are awesome, LOVE the show. Lisna’ fo lyf πŸ™‚ Big love from London xxxxxxx

MM says:

So excited for you both! Fantastic news, you’re going to be wonderful parents.

My biggest piece of advice regards the birth. Don’t let anyone scare you into automatically thinking it is going to be a traumatic experience. Like you have spoken before on TM about friendships, surround yourself with people who have had positive experiences or at the very least don’t want to scare you with toxic stories. Educate yourselves (you too, Andy) about the process and how women’s bodies are designed for this. I think a lot of women also think ‘woohoo, 9 months lying around eating for two’ when the reality is that birth is a marathon and you wouldn’t show up expecting to ace a marathon just because you have two legs! While you can’t ‘practise’ giving birth, you can stay fit throughout your pregnancy, eat healthily, and practise relaxation techniques that will help deal with the intense pressure of childbirth (it’s not pain in its usual sense!). I found Ricki Lake’s documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’ valuable, even though I still had my baby in a hospital with all the regular docs.

Other than that, you don’t need much to prepare for a newborn except for a place for him/her to sleep, some clothes, swaddles, bottles (even if you do BF), carseat & stroller, and a stackload of nappies. Everything else can be bought as needed.

Good luck – and Elizabeth I hope that awful morning sickness disappears soon! x

PS – Elizabeth, I found emailing my hubby links to online articles I wanted him to read in batches helpful. It meant he could read them at his leisure and then we could discuss them later, instead of the barrage of information when he wasn’t really listening. πŸ™‚

LKW says:

Saved episode 100 for my Saturday morning walk, and started crying while walking down the street because I am so happy for you guys.

A few things…

A- Please register, and hide your address so that all of your laimewads can send presents. Just seeing the 100+ comments means you will absolutely have 100+ presents. It will be a virtual baby shower for all of us.

B- I feel two new podcasts coming on… totally pregnant and totally toddler.

C- Pregnancy T’s… Same logo… in maternity… TOTALLY PREGNANT.

Love you guys- Congratulations!

Katy says:

I am so excited for you guys!! Congratulations!! When I heard the news on my way to work I was beaming and clapping like damn fool! You guys are going to be great parents…what a lucky little baby : )
As for baby item recommends…velcro swaddles saved our sanity many a night. And we still use the Ergo with our 2.5 year old. It’s wonderful.
Congrats on 100 shows, I love the podcast! Keep up the great work!!!

fiveshotsofjack says:

I only just got to this episode — belated congratulations, Elizabeth & Andy!

You’re almost forgiven for keeping this secret from us all… But seriously, I’m rooting for you two and I know you’re going to be awesome parents.

Debi says:

I am so thrilled for both of you!!

Complain away Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter how much you want a baby or how happy you are about the pregnancy . . . “morning sickness” is a KILLER. I had horrible morning sickness with both of my pregnancies. The first time was so bad that I really thought something was seriously wrong with me. I went to the Dr. (knowing I was pregnant) and she confirmed the pregnancy. They were trying to talk to me about future appointments, etc. and I said, “I already knew I was pregnant!! That isn’t why I’m here! I am seriously sick!! I can barely get out of bed, I’m nauseous constantly and vomiting 24/7!!” The Dr. giggled and said, “Like I said, you’re pregnant.” I was shocked. I had obviously heard of “morning sickness,” but had no clue how debilitating it could be.

My nausea/vomiting didn’t stop for 40 weeks. It became the center of my life. I had Ziploc bags stashed everywhere (car, purse, etc.) just in case I was sick away from home. When I went into a store or restaurant I had to immediately locate the bathroom, and wouldn’t go too far from the bathroom (just in case). During my 1st pregnancy my husband worked nights, and I would throw up every night when he came home and got into bed, just the movement made me sick. Eventually he slept in the guest room. I still think about everything I eat, and what it would look like coming back up. Eggs and grape juice . . . no way.

The good news . . . after both kids were born I felt GREAT! Having spent 9 months in absolute misery, and suddenly not feeling nauseous, made me feel like I could do anything. Know that you are not alone, and you have my sympathy.

Congrats on the success of both podcasts, and your baby. As hard as it seems to believe now, someday you will look back at this and smile; you might not laugh, might not giggle, or even chuckle, but you will smile.

Liz says:

I totally knew it. Congratulations!! So happy for you.

If you guys have time to listen to other podcasts, I really recommend the parenting podcast One Bad Mother on Maximum Fun. They keep it real and did a great episode a few months ago on how much the first trimester sucks.

Andrea says:

SO glad to hear the great news. My sister-in-law got me into your podcast a few months ago so I’ve been catching up a bit (although I didn’t start at the beginning). I like listening partly because it’s cool to hear others (you two or writer-inners) having questions or issues we’ve had–the division of chores when one person is busier at work was particularly on point! My relationship with my husband has definitely changed somewhat since I became pregnant. We didn’t tell anyone, even family, until almost 14 weeks, and just the act of keeping such a big (huge!!!) secret between the two of us really changed something. I’m really chatty and have a ton of close girlfriends who live in another city (who I always call, email, gchat etc)–I am a SHARER. It was really weird to not share this information with them, particularly when I wasn’t feeling well at all, but just sort of pretended everything was the same. But I think it made me and my husband closer. When I wasn’t feeling well, he asked me about 50 times a day how I was, and is all about my hydration. It’s just all really sweet.

I recommend Lucie’s List for baby stuff suggestions. Also Amalah/Zero to Forty. I’m trying not to go overboard with the Stuff, because you never know what your baby is going to like and not like, but certain things you just need.

Melissa says:

CONGRATS to you both!! Don’t stress about pregnancy complaints, in reality most pregnancies are tough or at least challenging. I think when there is any element of infertility involved, pregnancy becomes this crazy goal with glowing rainbows and unicorns and it’s just NOT… which then leads to guilt. (which I think is similar to plane crash survivor’s guilt)

I have 3 kids (twins +1) after 4 yrs of infertility and I regret now that I spent almost my entire first pregnancy feeling guilty about (a) getting pregnant and (b) feeling so awful while being pregnant.

You will feel better soon. Yes everything is changing, but you will settle into a new normal and it’ll be awesome. πŸ™‚

Noelle S says:

Congratulations you two! Funny thing, I’ve been thinking for a while that you were pregnant. You were more emotional, didn’t feel well, and… I can’t explain it, but I just had a hunch. I am rarely surprised by a pregnancy if I spend a lot of time with the person.

I, too, was sick all day, every day, during my 2 pregnancies. I lost so much weight with them both that I weighed less after I gave birth than I did before I got pregnant (Note: I do NOT recommend this as a diet strategy!). It makes pregnancy miserable, but that reward at the end makes it all worthwhile. Would you believe, I would do it all over again even though I constantly fought against throwing up and had migraines almost every day? It’s not the road that you travel, it’s where you end up when you get there that matters. (Cheesy? Yes, but true.)

Oh, and I like the new sound. It sounds better, I think. Except I kept hearing little staticky sounds on episode 100 that would come and go. Don’t know if that was my phone, my car, or your new equipment.

So, from a first-time laimewed commenter, congratulations. And thanks for letting us in on your lives.

Camii says:

Congrats on your 100th episode and your pregnancy! I have listened to every single episode and feel like I’m part of your family (crazy!) and am excited to see you take this journey. All the best!!!!!

Shelly says:

I knew you two could do it! Congrats on the baby news and the 100th episode! Next up!: Can’t wait until your podcast show becomes a tv show or better yet the gummy bear documentary! Love the realness of your relationship and lives. You make my runs something I truly look forward to because I know I get to enjoy listening to both of you! You guys rock and are going to make excellent parents! Cheers!

Lisa Kus says:

So many blessings and milestones to count today! Happy hugs and warm, warm, warm congratulations on your pregnancy! Your audience loves you and your baby. I know you and baby can feel it.

Check out the TODAY show this week, they’ve been talking about pregnancy and birth all week – including how much of an eyeful of the birthing process does daddy/husband want to see? Hmmm….

Sound system is great too! Big improvement.

Krista says:

I got all excited to tell my girlfriend (who listens to the show but on a delay) the good news, like you were friends with us in real life! Then I realized how silly that was. Then I got over it and excitedly told her anyway! We’re rooting for you as if you were our besties.
You guys are awesome and I’m SO happy for you both!

Brittany says:

YAAAYYYYYY!!!! Congratu-damn-lations!

And I absolutely second Liz about the One Bad Mother podcast. I’m not even a mom yet – it’s that entertaining.

Joanna says:

Just listened to this episode, and I just want to tell you THANK YOU! I’m also expecting my first, and I’m a few weeks behind you, and the first trimester was so hard! Even now, I’m just getting over the nausea. It was so comforting to hear you speak honestly about how miserable it can be. So thank you!

David says:

Just catching up with your podcast so congratulations on the pregnancy to both of you! So exciting to hear about all the changes.

On the topic of why you started getting baby catalogs, you have to realize you use GMail. Google, who sells their information, records and markets based upon your e-mail exchanges.

Priscilla says:

Congrats. I was so pleased for you both but your conversation of STUFF turned my stomach.

Reject the consumer nature of L.A. you only have one income.

Don’t get taken in by the push to consume. You need so little to have a baby and almost nothing totally new except for the proper car seat. Learning to get along with items handed down and things you can find at second hand stores would be the best move you could make for the fiscal health of your family who will be surviving on one income in an expensive city.

It’s hard in LA, with such a “keeping up with the Jones’s attitude,” but buck that temptation. Being there for your baby and avoiding the stress of paying for stuff is important.

I am truly happy for you but sure hope you can navigate these waters without getting into debt so Andy doesn’t feeling totally stressed and inattentive to your emotional needs.

Work buy consume die—just say no! Elizabeth be sensitive to the fact you are not bringing income into the mix, you can’t have it all so set your sights more modest to find long term happiness.

Ashley says:

Congratulations! So happy for you and am secretly hoping you are going to have a Totally Parenting podcast–I have a 9-month-old and have been looking for something similar to Totally Married but for kiddos, but haven’t found it yet. You would be perfect! Just a thought πŸ™‚

Elizabeth, I had the easiest pregnancy and didn’t really feel connected to my little girl until we knew the sex. I think before that I just didn’t feel much different so I didn’t feel any connection. Shortly after she was born I really felt connected, but I don’t think it was as instantaneous or easy as I thought it might be. Hang in there!

The one thing I couldn’t live without the first few months was my Itzbeen. Essentially it’s a 4-timer/alarm system but the first few weeks it was invaluable in reminding me when to take my meds (I had a c-section) and helpful to know how long she had been sleeping, how long since she last ate, how long since I pumped, etc. I honestly used it every 3-4 hours for 6 months. It was great for breastfeeding! Simple and silly, but in the first few weeks when you don’t know which way was up, it was helpful to keep track of the simple (but very important) things.

Congratulations again! Can’t wait to hear about your journey!

Marisa says:

Congrats on your pregnancy from my hubby and me! We both listen to all of the episodes of the podcast. H&H 9 Months to you.

Thank you for being sensitive and respectful of other people who are TTC or recently bereaved when making your pregnancy complaints. Absolutely, pregnancy can be trying at times and downright miserable, but acknowledging the blessings of being pregnant is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey you two, congrats! Welcome to the baby club!

Our baby is in cloth diapers, so we registered mostly for those. If you go with cloth and register for them, you may not end up paying for diapers. πŸ™‚

Please consider donating your baby’s cord blood and placenta. Cord blood and placenta contain stem cells, which are much needed in medical research and disease treatment. Cord blood stem cells are a better alternative to bone marrow in transplants, and have been used for 20 years to treat more than 80 life-threatening diseases and disorders, including cancer, heart disease and blood disorders.

Check out the links on the bottom of this page for how to donate: (we donated via LifeBank).

You need to sign up by 32 or latest 34 weeks.

Congrats again! Annie

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