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Jimmy Pardo!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 199

He’s the hilarious (and truly never not funny) host of Never Not Funny – stand up comedian JIMMY PARDO came on and discussed his feelings about dreadlock-mohawks, his childhood friend Blow Job Bob, and why he will never ever shush someone in a movie theater (but will tell his wife to do it!) Enjoy!


Jillian says:

Hilarious ep. Jimmy’s energy is always amazing and fit in perfectly with the vibe of this show. It was also a nice nostalgia trip as I became a Laimewad during that first day of the Earwolf Challenge.

So weird that Nair-ing a face came up today as I sit here with an aloe-covered mug after burning myself with Nair yesterday. I have a few wayward lip hairs that I pluck once or twice a week and the rest is just a bit of peach fuzz, but for some stupid reason I got the bright idea to rub Nair (which I use on my bikini line) around my mouth and chin. 10 minutes later the hair came off and my skin has been red, blotchy and burning ever since. It looks like I have a beard made out of sunburn, and covering it with foundation to show my face at work only added to the sting. If this is anything like what the fellas go through with their facial grooming, I am much more ok with beards. Please learn from my mistake and NEVER NAIR YOUR FACE!

Christina says:

Also, that book Pardo was talking about is “To Train Up a Child” by Michael Pearl. Also, I believed Jimmy was referring to an article on Slate called “Hana’s Story.”

I mention the Peal book for flame purposes, of course. No one should ever buy this book.

Wahn Park says:

Funniest episode in ages. The three if you had great chemistry. Pardo reLly brought it .

BTW, it’s true what Andy’s mom says about black people.

Michael says:

So I had to go back and listen to the Earwolf Challenge. In the very first challenge, Jimmy Pardo heard your intro/theme and said “Perfect. Contest Over.” So yeah, no reason to feel any negativity toward him!

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