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Sarah Colonna!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 200

Happy Thanksgiving Laimewads! For our 200th (!) episode we have a very special guest – She’s a hilarious comedian, best selling author, writer and producer on Chelsea Lately and After Lately – the one and only SARAH COLONNA came on and we discuss our mutual Mexico friend, what a chili dog really is, and how her main goal in life is to be cast in TLC’s I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Enjoy!


larry von g says:

It was nice to hear someone else talk about irrational fears that take over while being entertained.

I cannot go on space mountain for fear of a crazy person hiding within the darkened roller coaster waiting to behead me when the coaster zips by.

o-shen christ says:

As always a wonderful ep!!! i get so much joy hearing you all belly laugh!!!! Mahalo! Andy your not the only guy to masturbate on your knees!!! Before internet porn i used to do it while using magazines as to get best view of pics!!! Also try standing up for a change, it really increases the pleasure for some reason!!! ALoha

Rik says:

I was having the worst day delivering mail in an actual storm, and this episode distracted me enough that for an hour, I didn’t even mind! Especially the bits about chilli dogs and Andy’s weird bird/masturbation moment made me laugh so much! Thanks guys!

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