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Happy Happy Merry Merry!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 128

Merry Christmas Laimeweds! We discuss our Christmas morning plans as well as well as some under-the-covers plans (mwah ha ha) before diving into answering listener questions about jealousy over work friends, thinking of loved ones who have passed away during the holidays, what to do when your boyfriend(s) don’t seem to want to go “downtown”, and how to navigate very close opposite sex friendships. Enjoy!


Kwame says:

Just so you know, I am listening to the podcast on Boxing Day at a resort in Jamaica on my old school iPod classic. Fuck you too Andy!! Happy holidays all.

Amy says:

It was so nice to have this to listen to on the drive from grandparent to grandparent on Christmas. I really appreciate all the work that you guys put into giving us these podcasts, even on holidays. As for Andy’s “slow to warm” temperament- the term “slow to warm” is often used to describe babies and kids’ temperament in educational and psychological fields. It’s cool stuff- you can tell a baby’s temperament within their first week of life and typically that temperament stays with them for their entire life. If you’re a massive dork like I am, you can go and research it- people have studied whether or not temperament is related to gender, but results are inconclusive, with most people leaning against the idea of temperament being gender related.

anna says:

Hi Elizabeth – take a listen to today’s mental illness happy hour, if you get a chance. It’s on childbirth taking the unwanted turn to csection and postpartum depression. Super relevant to recent conversation on delivery and totally mommy. I had a lot of feelings of failure associated with having an unplanned csection when I’d expected to go 100% natural. The episode captures these feelings well and I think it could be an illuminating perspective for your show.

Elizabeth says:

I will! That sounds super interesting and I love that pod. Thanks for the heads up!

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