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Jeff Hiller! (Again!)

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 204

He’s baaack! Master improvisor, musical improvisor, actor and all around fantastic gent, JEFF HILLER is in tha house discussing new years resolutions, how to make a long distance relationship work, and owning his McD’s diet coke addiction. Enjoy!


Michael says:

I have the same “style” as Jeff Hiller! There’s not a lot of adjustment necessary, as long as I’m consistent with the fit of my boxer briefs.

Michael says:

Oh, and Jeff Hiller’s one of my favorite podcast guests. His Improv4Humans spots are among the best ever on that show.

Jacquie F. says:

I like that you’re having a lot of returning guests lately. Its fun getting to check in with them again. I hope you have Janet Varney & Sandra Daugherty again some day you had fun conversations with them.

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