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Welcome to Totally Mommy!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 1

Welcome to Totally Mommy! In our very first episode, Elizabeth and her guest/Husband Andy discuss the good, the bad and the funny: Good is feeling baby Oprah kick and future In-N-Out trips with Daddy, Bad is being scared they got the gender wrong and less sex than before, and Funny is the reaction to baby’s name and something having to do with Adult Content on Andy’s part. Then they answer listener questions about fearing social snafu’s for your child at school and whether or not Elizabeth enjoys people touching her pregnant belly. Thank you for listening – hope you enjoy!


Pam says:

Woke up giddy this morning in anticipation. Giddy! I’m so excited to hear your new adventure. I will leave a comment after I listen. LOVE YOU ELIZABETH!

Yvette says:

I may be the only weirdo not-mom that’s really excited about this! I’m nanny though so maybe that gives me a pass? I love you guys & your dynamic. I listen to totally laime and totally married constantly. (Seriously, like Andy it’s usually what I go to sleep to & put on for company in the morning. I have no idea what I’ll do when I’ve caught up on all episodes.) I haven’t even been able to listen to this episode of Totally Mommy yet, but I will be shortly and I’m excited to be a part from the beginning! Be encouraged that you have friends that you don’t even know cheering you on and loving the things you’re doing! Keep it coming!

Jennifer says:

I am looking forward to listening. For some reason, I cannot find it from my podcast app but I am going to keep trying! Yay! Congratulations! 🙂

Yvette says:

It’s not on iTunes yet for some reason. She mentions it in the episode that it should be but it may just be taking longer than expected. For now you should just be able to listen from this blog. I did and I loved it!

Ready for more!

Liz says:

Hey y’all I’m loving this podcast already! Just had a few thoughts for the dad who is concerned with his 1st grade daughter. Just wanted to share this idea that compassion is not taught it is untaught.

“Compassion toward all animals doesn’t have to be taught— it is only untaught. When we teach children to love some animals and to eat others, we confuse their values; for we instruct them to be kind, but teach them to choose violence over kindness at every meal. Veganism is simply the acknowledgment that a replaceable and fleeting pleasure isn’t more valuable than someone else’s entire life and liberty.”

Yes it’s a quote about veganism, but I think it applies to child rearing. Just replace compassion with predudice, empathy, and animals with people and eat with be mean to? I think it works great in this case. We teach our children what is good and bad, and while others certainly have influence I thinking our parents play the biggest role in how we end up viewing and treating people. It sounds like he is doing a wonderful job already and I’m sure his daughter will have compassion and empathy for others since her father seems to have such a high level of emotional intelligence.

Jaime says:

Every parent of a girl should read
Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World

By Rosalind Wiseman

Matt says:

Great first episode! Love the theme song, it was worth all of the time you put into it. Even though I’m just a single guy who never plans to have kids I plan to listen to EVERY episode because Elizabeth is the best! I can’t wait to see more blog posts from you too.

Ashlee says:

Love it! I don’t have kids (yet), but I think the first episode was great. I’m recommending it to my mommy friends!

Also, I’ll TOTALLY touch your bump. Sorry that sounds mega creepy…

Kristin says:

Loving the first episode! Another non-mom listener, but still love the discussion. Also, I think I might know what the name is…I’m excited to see if I’m right!

Lindsey says:

I had fun listening to you guys today!
I’m a mother of a 2 year old girl, a 5 year old step-son and I’m currently pregnant. I’ve gotta say, the mommy advice NEVER ENDS. As your kids grow, things keep changing and folks continue to chime in. I have an overly helpful mother in law so I quickly learned the art of the “smile and nod.” She tells me how I should care for the kids, I smile, nod, and know that I’ll never follow her advice. It’s worked pretty well so far.

You guys are going to be fantastic parents! Excited to hear your perspective through the journey!

-Lindsey J.

CLEM says:

I’m not a mom and I’m not even in a relationship but the idea of my future child being rejected/teased/bullied is painful and terrifying to me! Like Elizabeth said “parenting is real”. eek….

Beth P says:

“Media mogul OPRAH WINFREY was supposed to be christened ORPAH – but a priest misspelled her name on her birth certificate.

The TV star’s father wanted his daughter to have a biblical moniker, but a mistake led to her famous name.

She explains, “It’s supposed to be Orpah from RUTH, first chapter, 14th verse in the Bible, but they spelled it wrong on the birth certificate.””

HHG Girl says:

Hi Elizabeth and Andy! First Totally Mommy ep is great! I have an opinion you might like thinking about regarding the a kid who bullies or is bullied. My best friend has a seven year old who is a bully. Both her parents are compassionate, engaged and a positive influence on their daughter- but they just got divorced. Their breakup caused the daughter to act out, and it resulted in her becoming a bully- she is in therapy and working on it. This leads me to believe that bullying can also just be a form of mental illness like any other, and can be inherent in a kids personality, like depression or anything else. Food for thought! Nature AND nurture 🙂

Julia says:

Congrats in the new podcast!
About the intro music… I love the intro music for totally married and totally mommy, you can tell how fun it was to make.
Love it!

Rachel says:

Great podcast! I’m 7 months prgannt and so great to hear a parenting podcast that isn’t just about how great and wonderful everything is but that it can be challenging. I laughed so much about the first few minutes of the morning when you are just yourself and then you realise that getting up is going to take some effort! Looking forward to the next episode!

mamadonna says:

I loved the show! Thanks so much for doing it! I have a few comments.
1- There are plenty of PG parenting podcasts out there, I mean don’t get me wrong it was funny to listen to you guys trying to sensor yourself but I say Fuck it and just say whatever you want. We need a REAL parenting podcast out there!
2- Stop apologizing or worrying about offending people, its your podcast OWN IT!
3- Just curious.. .did you ever get the awesome diaper bag you two wanted? I hope so, I have 3 kids and a quality diaper bag is worth the splurge!!!
4- Love the show! Thanks!

erika says:

Please don’t censor this podcast just because it’s about kids. It’s not for them. And for goodness sake stop worrying about backlash if you have an opinion! The reason I love you guys is because you’ll say anything, but lately it seems like you’re timid about saying something offensive or “politically incorrect.” You don’t need to defend yourself. We all know you’re not bad people. And when a couple of listeners write in to make you feel bad about something you said, remember they don’t represent the majority. We all say dumb shit sometimes.. trust me, you guys have better sense than most people I know. I know this sounds like I’m criticizing you too but really I’m mad at the dumbasses who make you feel like you need to hold back. Love you 🙂

O-Shen Christ says:

Totally agree. You are the coolest couple on earth!! Your genuine kindness shines thru. It’s all intention and yours comes from love and joy !!

Jacquie F. says:

Being named Jacqueline I can relate to being particular about the spelling of my name. I generally go by Jacquie and I’ve seen it spelled every imaginable way. If you give Baby Oprah a name with multiple ways to spell it just be prepared to have to correct it all the time. I’ve even had my name entered into school records as Jackline and had to get it fixed.

When I was younger I disliked my name and wanted to change it. Now that I’m older I’ve had it so long I’ve come to love it and its part of my identity so I can’t imagine changing it. I think whatever name you want to go with for Baby Oprah will be great.

We had that same gender fear right before our baby shower. We had been told we were having a girl and registering for girly things. A week before the shower we were freaking out that the ultrasound had been wrong and it was a boy. We told my ob how we were freaking out and he did not hesitate to roll in the ultrasound machine and double check for us right then and there!

And on the telling people the name. When we picked a name I shared it along with a few other choices with one friend and she had a not so nice opinion about it. We still went with the name but I still sometimes hear her comments in the back of my head and we almost didn’t go with it. Next time (if there is a next time!) I wouldn’t share it, because once you name the baby no one will say anything mean about the name, to your face anyways.

You are right when it comes to the unsolicited advice. Other moms are venting and are trying to warn you. Even people who have had experience with babies are not prepared for the emotional and physical changes and issues that come with being a parent.

And Elizabeth, don’t be too hard on Andy. It is going to be awesome to hear how his excitement and emotions change when Baby Oprah gets here. When I was pregnant with our first I was concerned how unattached my husband seemed. He was more worried then excited. The moment our daughter was born, he held her and bawled his eyes out. It was like the stress was gone and it was finally time to attach and love his daughter. And he is an amazing stay-at-home Dad.

I love the new podcast! I having been writing a parenting site for over a year with lots of unsolicited advice! (You don’t even know!) and have been writing our personal story about parenthood on our blog at for over 8 years. We have 2 kids, my husband looks like an extra on Duck Dynasty and is a stay-at-home dad. We also homeschool. Obviously parenting is a favorite topic of ours and we are loving this new show!

Maria says:

Elizabeth and Andy,

Like other listeners I am not planning on having a baby for at least a few years (although I am getting married in July so there’s always a possibility), but I plan on sticking around for Totally Mommy. I enjoyed this first podcast, and I love the Good, the Bad, and the Funny segment.

Anyway, I came across this link today that I thought you and the listeners would enjoy. It’s about choosing a baby name and the popularity of baby names over the last 100 years or so:

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and birth, and I wish you a fantastic life with baby Oprah and any future children you two have!

Allison says:

Yay! Love the new podcast! I was laughing so hard at you guys being worried about your language and stuff. Just be yourselves! That’s why we love you. I am a Midwestern, conservative mom with a 6, 4, and 2 year old and due with our 4th in March (yikes), and I love listening to your other podcasts and hearing a different perspective from what I usually hear. Also, I don’t listen with the kids around: it gives me something to look forward to during nap times or after the kids go to bed!

Becca says:

I have 4 as well! It’s not always easy but it’s totally doable and I wish you luck!

Amy says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love the Good/Bad/Funny bit, love how honest you are, love the theme song- it’s all good. You guys are the best, Miss Oprah is a lucky duck to have you guys as her mommy and daddy. And don’t worry! If she ends up being a boy just buy a few blue onesies and change the name (Machete Andrew Rosen?) and all will be well. I had someone grab my hands and put them on her pregnant tummy once- it was a little uncomfortable for me, but it was nice to get to connect to the baby a little bit before she was born. To the writer-inner- children can be taught morals and social skills, just as they can be taught academics. Model good morals and social interactions and guide them in their interactions and everything will be fine.

Becca says:

Hello! I just listened to your brand new podcast! LOVE IT! Just a few quick feedback thoughts. I also got flack for my babies name, Thomas Franklin Lee Eller, mostly because he has 4 names. All 4 are very important, they are all for my husbands family and he only has 1 living relative at this point so it seemed a good idea to let him dedicate our son to the memory of his family. I usually just told people to go to hell if they gave me crap and being hugely pregnant or dragging a new baby around usually made them feel bad for being jerks. The bullying thing, if your child is the victim of bullying, my 12year old has been several times, the school can actually be a very good resource. Most have guidance councilers that may have resourses and can provide a 3rd party perspectives. Also if the bullying continues I’ve found filling the principles inbox and calling repeatedly is very effective. Andy you are 100% right tiny babies are not nearly as fun as toddlers. My youngest just turned 2 in October and he is a great little buddy and fun to hang out with. I wish you both tons of luck with this exciting new chapter in both your lives and your podcasts! Thanks for all your amazing shows!

Tricia says:

Got my husband to tune in today to Totally Mommy with me:-)

Normally I have to laugh out loud on my own listening to your podcasts while taking the dog for a walk…I must look really peculiar on my walks come to think of it. But I digress…

Really enjoyed being able to laugh with my hubby along with you guys discussing this crazy journey of pregnancy, brought up some hilarious conversations of our own.

Thanks as always for your honesty and hilariousness.

Karen says:

Hello there! Really enjoyed the banter, specifically because some of your comments really resonated with me. We are parents to a three month-old boy who is just starting to connect with the world. For your hubby, hang in there: that connection with your child will eventually come. Both of you should enjoy the pregnancy…and get extra time in the bedroom now since the recovery will seem extra long for the guys…sadly its just not pleasant for a long while after 🙁 Regarding tummy handling, I also didn’t experience strangers reaching for my tummy; BUT I have had to ward off strangers in the grocery store from just putting their hands on my baby. Their affection is lovely but really startling when they bee-line for you and don’t even ask you for permission!

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