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Jordan Bahat!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 207

He’s a soon-to-be award-winning music video director extraordinaire – Director of Fun’s “Why Am I The One”, Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied”, and Meg Myers’ brand new “Desire” vid (check it out!), JORDAN BAHAT came on and discussed shooting his first booty vid, why his mom gave him a (maybe?) loaded gun at the age of 15,  and how a tan penis holds new meaning in his life after a trip to Spain. Enjoy!


Laura N says:

Oh boy… please tell Jordan his allergy symptoms sounds super familiar to me. Making an appointment with an allergist today. Never even occurred to me that I could have a nut allergy. Thanks for talking about your poop, Jordan! And quinoa is not so good for my stomach either, who knew such a wonderful food could cause such damage to your tummy?

Erica says:


Also, truck drivers (most of them) go through rigorous training and re-certifications constantly. Not to mention the constant stopping for police and weigh stations that will drug test you on the spot if they suspect anything fishy. But that being said, there are a lot of very reckless drivers out there as well.

PS- I’ve always wanted to sun my lady parts but I’m afraid of the initial burn!

Jack says:

Thank you for the truck driver support. I am used to the truck driver stereotypes and it bums me out every time I hear them.
Also, for every one reckless move I’ve seen a truck driver make there are 50 moronic moves made by regular drivers. From texting to putting on make-up I’ve seen a lot. Assuredly there are some less than professional truck drivers out there but we’re pretty careful for the most part.

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