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Erin McGathy!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 209

She’s a writer and comedian – you know her from her hilarious podcast “This Feels Terrible” and her frequent appearances on “Harmontown”, the lovely ERIN MCGATHY is back to discuss her recent trip to Scotland (and engagement!) why Elizabeth’s inbred theory might not hold much water, how Andy may have crossed the line when showing her pornography, and lastly she offers a new perspective on handling jealousy of other people’s success. Enjoy!


Kyle S. says:

“You cannot be so poor that you cannot help somebody. Good nature is the cheapest commodity in the world; and love is the only thing that will pay ten per cent to borrower and lender both. Do not tell me that you have got to be rich! We have a false standard of greatness in the United States. We think here that a man must be great, that he must be notorious; that he must be extremely wealthy, or that his name must be upon the putrid lips of rumor. It is all a mistake. It is not necessary to be rich or to be great, or to be powerful, to be happy. The happy man is the successful man. Happiness is the legal tender of the soul. Joy is wealth.” – Robert Ingersoll

amelia says:

Hey Elizabeth and Andy! Great episode! Just wanted to point out that actor who plays Jeoffry on Games of Thrones… the one who you guys said looks inbred…. is from Cork, Ireland. Just thought it was funny how right before you mentioned him you were talking to Erin about how Scottish people told her the Irish from County Cork were all inbred πŸ™‚

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