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Live & Let Live w/Morgan Walsh!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 5

She’s a hilarious comedy performer and actress, and has such a great, balanced insight into motherhood – mama to three, MORGAN WALSH comes on and we discuss the good (pizza hugs), the bad (skin problems), and the funny (lunchbox boobs) plus a discussion about cooking with the kids and then she and Elizabeth answer listener questions about whether or not you have to know 100% that you want kids, and whether or not to remain in a friendship with someone who struggles with alcoholism as a new mother. Enjoy!


Anna says:

I already said this comment on Totally Married but seriously make your baby amazon wishlist public!! You have given me hours upon hours of free entertainment I want to pay you back in anyway I can and I know your other listeners feel the same!

Christina says:

Agreed! Do it! I want to at least browse and borrow some ideas from it, and you will definitely get some cool shit.

Kim says:

I always mean to comment and then I am at work and forget. Now I’m home cleaning and doing laundry and listening to the end so I am remembering!
I spend a lot of time on an April baby board and will lie on the couch reading the ridiculous drama out-loud to my husband. I hate being on there, but I can’t stay away. I know the feeling all too well.
Also, I have meant to say this before, but I almost got a similar tattoo when I was 19. Mine would have had no real meaning to me other than the fact that I was a marine biology major back in the day and liked dolphins. Mine would have also have been a tramp stamp, but instead of two dolphins around a sun, it would have been two dolphins swimming away from each other with a tribal design dolphin next to each of them. Absolutely ridiculous, right?! So glad that I ended up spending that money elsewhere.

Sami says:

Fan of the podcasts, but I’m not a huge commenter. But when I was listening to Morgan talk about the mother who drank heavily while pregnant, I was dying to say something. She had said something to the tune of “Alcoholism is a disease, and while drinking while pregnant is unsafe for the baby, we don’t get a say in how people raise their kids”
I believe in letting parents parent however they like, with one exception. Abuse. Some parents think it is okay to discipline their children physically. But we don’t give them a pass because they have some sort of disease. Abuse is never okay. And I tend to believe that poisoning a (with alcohol) child is abuse.

(I have a friend who suffers from several mental disabilities due to his mothers use of alcohol while pregnant. It breaks my heart to see the challenges he goes through because people “let his mother parent her own way”)

Lauren says:

I’m super loving Totally Mommy. All the moms so far have be may favorite people!!

This might not be the most logical place to say it but I’ve been wanting to say for a LONG time that I think you and Andy have a certain esthetic as parents. This is in reference to the diaper bag you were searching for. You wanted a certain look and were worried it made you materialistic. I just needed to point out that you were looking for a certain esthetic, a look, feel, and function. Not a brand or price point. So I really wouldn’t qualify you as materialistic. As an artist the look of everything I do matters to me. I’m incredibly picky about the clothes I wear and put my kids in and every choice was based on look and function and wanting something a little different than everyone else.

Love you guys! Love the mommies! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Jessica says:

Loved this episode (as always) and I love Morgan Walsh! You need to have her back soon! While I’m at it, you should also (if you haven’t already) consider having Jenny Mollen on your mommy podcast. She is 41 weeks pregnant and her book is coming out in summer.

Steph says:

Not related to this specific podcast, but I had to LOL because under your RECENT TWEETINGS, the third one is a reply saying 2 cm!

I thought you were 2 cm dilated and was all excited..

but nope, you were referring to felt balls.

Jessica says:

I really love this podcast – awesome!! I’m a mama and I LOVE the real talk here.

Along with being a mom of two, I also work in the field of mental health and because of this I feel I need to say something regarding the question about the alcoholic. The guest said that the police could not be called in this situation but that’s not entirely correct. Most of us know we can report abuse but neglect is also reportable. Neglect is likely in this situation.

Any time you suspect neglect or abuse you can call your local child protective services. You can even do it anonymously. And if you’re not sure if something you suspect is reportable, you can call CPS and present the situation hypothetically and see what they say.

Just imagine that baby grown up, having been raised in secret by someone struggling with alcoholism. What if that child looked at you and said, “Why didn’t you fight for me?”

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