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Claudia Maittlen-Harris!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 210

She’s a talented writer (check her out on Huffington Post!) and comedian, with a fantastic blog: The Zeros Before The One  Elizabeth’s upbringing soul sister CLAUDIA MAITTLIN-HARRIS came on and talked sorority engagements, bad dates involving Sarah Palin, why cruises ain’t so bad, and whether or not Paris Hilton is bright (hint: no) Enjoy!


Jenny says:

Love the episode but damn if you don’t sound like the worlds biggest brat when talking about Georgia. I feel bad for Andy’s parents if you complained like that the entire time.

Alia says:

I lived in Ukraine for a couple of years, Jenny. It’s not easy, and I heard that Georgia is similar.

Christina says:

Good episode. I enjoyed Elizabeth’s opinions about Georgia. You could always read a tourism pamphlet if you want bland positivity. If you are really appreciating a new culture, then you do your best to see it without blinders.

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