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Woohoo! New Totally Merch!

You guys, YOU GUYS! I am SO EXCITED about our new merch! It only took way too long to get these bad boys ready to go… but it was worth the wait (I hope!)

We now have some awesome new TOTALLY MARRIED tees, TOTALLY MOMMY onesies for your Laime-littles and of course, we still have our classic TOTALLY LAIME tees.

Onesies – in black and pink! Eeep!

Or stick to the classics:

We have a limited supply for this first round, so don’t delay – order yours today!



1 Comment!

Lauren S says:

Love my shirt, but… I think if you looked into American Apparel I’m sure you wouldn’t want to support the company based on their ethics and morals. I’ll just post a link so as not to overwhelm you.

Alternative Apparel is a better choice, although there might be one or two more.

Thank you for considering switching T-shirt companies when you make your next order,


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