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What I Really Get Off On…

Friends. I know I’ve shared more than what’s probably morally or ethically acceptable to discuss regarding my fantasies on the podcasts. (Bela Karolyi, anyone?) But it wouldn’t feel right not sharing this pregnancy/virgo eye candy I’m about to show you.

BEHOLD: My bathroom “junk” drawer.

I mean. Can you even? Isn’t she purty? But like, in a take-charge, competent, and yet calming kind of way? This, my friends, is what gives me little joygasms every time I open her up. I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner – and it took all of fifteen minutes. The drawer was so small that organizing had previously seemed futile. That was until I discovered a little drawer trick –Β  I recycled little gift boxes to create compartments… Do you see how there are compartments? My hair bands and nail polish and metal utensils all have their own little homes?! They are so happy there in those cozy homes! They love it!

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a “before” picture but rest assured that for the last FIVE YEARS, it looked something very similar to this:

This drawer transformation was made about a month ago and I vowed to not share my excitement with the world until it had been a month and everything was still in tact, because a temporary organize is not a true organize according to the world’s leading pre-eminent organization expert, moi.

When one organizes it should: 1. Look nice and tidy 2. Be functional and 3. Be efficient. If all those things are in place, it will stay organized!! 4 EVA. Hummina hummina hummina. Can you tell I love this shit?!

This, along with all the churros I can eat (A LOT) has been one of the best parts of growing this baby human – the ability to fly my organizing freak flag all the way, and no one can stop me. In pregnancy it’s called “nesting” and I’ve heard stories of women being in labor and going out to detail their husband’s cars in the midst of contractions. Usually nesting happens closer to the end but I have been playing the pregnancy nesting card from the get go and my home is finally totally. fucking. organized. AHHHH!! It feels so good. The best part is knowing that babies don’t ever mess anything up, right?!

So if you’ve been putting off pulling all the crap out of that one drawer – you know the one – and putting it back together in a way that will make your happy feelings tingle every time you open it, let me urge you to: DOΒ  IT. It will not only bring you joy but it will also make you be a better person in general. Do you think Mother Teresa had “clutter”? I rest my case.

Laimewads – I can’t be stopped, I need to keep going! What little organization tricks do you use in your life/house/soul? Leave in the comments!


Monica Favre says:

I love this idea!! A trick I have is hanging canvas closet organizers in my kids closets. I put their clothes for the week in them so in the morning we aren’t scrambling for clothes. Morning routines are a must!

Lori F. says:

I too use a door shoe organizer for gift wrapping stuff and kiddos little craft bits and pieces. I have a clear one so we can both easily see what’s in each pocket. The lower ones for what he can get to and higher ones for things like scissors.

AS a “throwing things away and not having loads of stuff” addict, I get a very real sense of catharsis from this. especially as I’ve been living in a building site for the last 5 months.

I even remember with total clarity the day, more that 10 years ago, that I cleared a whole load of shit, psychological and physical baggage into a load of black bin bags and never looked back.

Whenever I have friends or family who are struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, I always suggest that they clear and organise their space, it is by far the easiest and most tangible way to achieve calm, and a sense of genuine, realistic productivity and control.

Because of our enormous (for us) house renovation, your blog post is a little light that guides me towards the next couple of weeks when the builders leave and we can finally start putting life back together. *sigh*

Thank you πŸ™‚

PS, Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project, has a whole chunk about clearing out and organising – it’s actually a very cool book (I think), full of doable exercises of this sort.

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