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Jason Ritter!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 215

You guys. YOU GUYS! It’s Jason Ritter, yes, that fantastic actor from our FAVORITE TV SHOW, Parenthood!!! Dreams DO come true! And he’s… well he’s fucking awesome! He came over, made our day, and discussed all the things – from dicks (of course) to phases, to justice, to artistic integrity, it’s all here! Enjoy!


Ginger says:

OMG!!! I am so excited to listen to this!! We are HUGE parenthood fans, and we love Jason Ritter on the show! So sorry he’s gone (we’re pulling for a come back.) Here I go to listen, sure it’s going to be great!!

Marques says:

I am just now listening to the part about the keying. For the past few months in my apartment complex I have really had the urge to get some sort of post-it notes that all just say “Try Harder” or something like that. I never looked into it to see if that exists, but those joke “You parked like a cock” notes sound pretty close. I’m not sure if I’d ever key a car, but placing a passive-aggressive and/or somewhat humorous note seems up my alley.

O-Shen Christ says:

There used to be notes at Spencer gifts that you could put on people’s car that said “thanks for parking so close next time leave a fucking Can opener so I can get my car out. asshole! like you should take the bus

Glen Risdon says:

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