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Our First Week As Parents!

In case you missed the hullabaloo on instagram and facebook, our new roommate has arrived! Theodora “Teddy” Mae Rosen came into the world as 8 lbs, 8 oz of pure awesome. We finally understand what all the fuss is about, we are beyond in love with this little one!

So, for the first week update… Even though I’m having a hard time physically with the sloooow healing and yes we are sleep deprived, honestly it’s been the best week of our lives. We’ve just cozied up with this little love nugget and are alternating staring at her and cuddling her and feeding her and changing her. Andy has been  incredible about taking care of all the house stuff/cooking/Ruby out so I can focus on feeding this creature and healing my bod. We’ve got a good thing going, this little family of ours…  it helps that she is spectacular!

This week has felt like an eternity and also it went by in a flash. We’re already sad about the inevitable passage of time and the fact that we can’t just freeze her as she is a huge bummer, but we’re also dying to see what comes next from Teddy. Facial expressions? A thesis on global energy? The sky’s the limit. She’s already sweet, adorable, hilarious, inquisitive and gorgeous. BTW, Did you see her cheeks? AHHHH!!

We’ll be giving the full scoop on Monday’s Totally Married – the labor, the delivery, the feelings, how Ruby and Ramona are taking things, all of it. Can’t wait to share with you all, thank you SO much for all the love you’ve sent our way, we have felt it big time!


Elizabeth, Andy, TEDDY (!) , Ruby & Ramona



Megan says:

Congrats again Elizabeth and Andy. Teddy is adorable and what a wonderful name. Just enjoy every moment. They go by so fast but will last a life time in your heart.

Kayla says:

I am BEYOND happy for you guys! She is precious, adorable cheeks (omg), wonderful name choice. Just all around sweet!

I am so glad you and Teddy are doing well and that you are feeling up to recounting everything so soon (major kudos!)

I really do feel like I know you guys and I feel so much affection for you and your little family.


Christina says:

It’s not for everyone, but wearing a sleep mask to bed helped me fall into a deeper sleep more quickly. It’s a subtle thing, particularly when you can only take micro sleeps, but it made the bedtime more refreshing for me. Congratulations, and best wishes.

Ashley says:

Congrats!!! 8lbs….WOAH! You go girl! Can’t wait to hear the update from you guys! Also can’t wait for more pictures of those cheeks!! Love me some chubby baby cheeks!

Jessie says:

She’s beautiful! I the she looks like her daddy in that last picture. Soo happy for you! (Also – hang in there! It gets easier! And you WILL sleep again!)

Christie says:

She is pure perfection! I’m so happy for you both! I cannot wait for next weeks episode to hear how it all went! Hopefully as planned?! Congrats and oh those cheeks! Adorbs! Take care and hope you can get some rest!

Dawn says:

She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to you guys and Welcome to the joys and ups and downs and arounds of parenting!
Welcome to the world Teddy!

Kate says:

Ah, I’m so happy for you! No joke, I was on the phone with my mother the other day and almost said ‘oh did I tell you Elizabeth had the baby?’ It’s a little strange what a connection I feel as a listener to you and your experience, but also so sweet that I get to share in your joy. Wishing you the best! 🙂

O-Shen Christ says:

I’ve been doing the same telling everyone who has no idea who Elizabeth is or have even heard a podcast!!

Jen C says:

Congratulations! She is such a beauty! So glad the first week has been wonderful. Can’t wait to hear all about it. You two are amazing parents and Teddy is so lucky to have you.

Nice Wheels says:

Oh happy days! Congratulations to you! And to Teddy for picking you as parents! Wha awry lucky girl! Can’t wait to hear all,about it! You have been missed!

RunningMom says:

Such a beautiful blessing – enjoy every precious minute. She was entirely worth the wait, right? Welcome to parenthood – can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures. 🙂

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