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Two Weeks Into Mommyhood w/Andy!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 13

Our guest, co-host today is Elizabeth’s BABY DADDY, Andy! That’s right, in case you haven’t heard, we are two weeks into this parenthood frenzy and loving (mostly) every minute. We discuss The Good, The Bad & The Funny of being parents, as well as answer listener questions about how to handle overly generous in-laws, whether there’s a way to have the birth you want when there’s no birth center nearby, if it’s a good idea to snag your future kiddos’ email address ahead of time, and how to balance working and pursuing your creative dreams as a mama. Enjoy!


Peggy says:

This episode was amazing. I loved hearing the details about the physical aftermath of labor, which don’t often get discussed. Although I almost fainted every time you said that you “tore up”.
I didn’t even know that was possible!

Derek says:

I think the email address idea is great, I already registered two for our new daughter. I setup one with her name that I’m hanging onto for her to use later, and I setup a second one that my wife and I are sending emails to now. That way when she is older I can just give her the password and she can go in and read all of the emails and see all of the pictures that we have sent her over the years. I love the idea of memory books but I’m bad about keeping up with them so this is an easy way for me to write her a letter or just a short note and know that I won’t misplace it at some point….

O-Shen Christ says:

This is great and Andy is an amazing cohost loved it! So funny. Although I’m surprised with all the info you gals don’t realize that tearing is simply a fact of pregnancy for most women!! Even before the internet we knew this

Kat says:

Because I am painfully uncool, I have to say that your terrible post-labor physical trauma left me thinking that your poor self got “tore up from the pelvic floor up” and chuckling at my own bad joke.

ANYWAY I wish you speedy physical and emotional healing. I am the sort of person who cries when the dermatologist removes moles from me because it changes the way my body looks, and have strong desires not to go through childbirth for similar reasons.

So I think you’re right to allow yourself a little time to grieve if you feel different from before, but then rejoice in the different woman you’ve become! You’ve gone through 40 hours of labor, nursing, and you created a little person who has about the cutest face on the planet. Be proud of yourself! xo

Ellen says:

I’m not sure what this says about me, but I almost teared up (tear as in crying not tear as in lady parts) when Andy said, “Welcome to the sloppy genetalia club, Babe.” I thought it was one of the sweetest, most supportive things ever. It was so awesome for you to put this out there and to hear both of your perspectives in the first couple of weeks.

Kathrine says:

I just finished listening to your most recent podcast and I almost started crying because I could totally relate to your experience with “tearing up”. I have 6 kids, and my first was a homebirth. I tore upwards really bad, in fact my clitoris did tear almost clear through. It bled terribly!! Because there are so many nerve endings there, my midwife didn’t stitch me up, but called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital to be stitched by an OB. Luckily I have (ahem) plenty of sensation there still, so it wasn’t permanantly damaged. I was worried it would ruin my sex life forever! With my last baby, born 3 months ago, I tore upwards again, not as bad, but still requiring stitches. I’ve never known anyone else who had to deal with this trauma until now. I really feel for you, it is awful! So sorry, but also congratulations on the birth of Baby Oprah! I’m glad she’s healthy and things are going well. 🙂

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