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Nicole Shabtai!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 218

She’s a hilarious comedy actress/writer/producer and friend  – not to mention a hairless beauty and mensch, NICOLE SHABTAI came on and discussed what brought her laser hair removal lady to tears, why her husband’s bachelor party kinda sorta rocked her world, and why she’s decided to say buh bye to the marijuana. Enjoy!


Elanor says:

ASMR! I first heard of it when Emily Heller and Nikki Glaser both revealed that they had it on Emily’s podcast.

I never did know why my brain would go fuzzy when I watched people turn the pages of their books. (I hung out in the library a lot)

Lauren T says:

Vice did a story on ASMR. It seems like everyone who has it goes for a long time in their life not knowing it’s a “thing.”

It’s definitely not sexual, it more just relaxation/zoning out. I get it from hearing gum chewing…but it has to be pretty specific gum chewing. I learned it was a thing from a story on This American Life.

You Tube is rife with ASMR videos…

Jack says:

It doesn’t happen much anymore but when I was younger there were certain voices that used to put me in a real mellow, groovy state. I would be sort of mesmerized and I agree that It wasn’t sexual but definitely a pleasant sensation.

As far as gum goes, my mouth goes a little quivery whenever I see someone put a fresh piece of gum in their mouth.

Monica says:

Great podcast! Nicole was a great guest. Her talking about her dad and her fear of being left gave me a serious epiphany about my own dad and projecting those fears onto my husband. Thanks for the “note to self” moment!! Can’t wait for the next episode.

Alia says:

Funny, I just listened to This American Life (in which they talked about ASMR) and now I am listening to this and ASMR came up again! It’s funny when unusual topics that you never hear about come up twice in one day. 🙂

Jack says:

The topic of your voice got me thinking about my Totally Laime origin story, i.e. How I Met Baby Oprah’s Mother (in a podcast).

I’m a faithful listener to Adam Carolla’s podcast.

Let me elaborate. Since I listen to the Aceman I also started to listening to Alison Rosen’s podcast who is Adam’s “news girl”. Well, a perky, funny lady with this super cute and unique voice was a guest one day on Alison’s show. After the perky girl with the super cute and unique voice was done, on came Elizabeth! Just kidding. Of course, that perky girl was you!

Now, I listen to plenty of podcasts and while I enjoy the various guests it’s not often I take the time to investigate a guest who I otherwise had never heard of, but this time was different. And you know what it was? That’s right. The voice!

So yes, although you were also charming and funny on Alison’s show it was the voice, and the PRESENCE it had, that caused me to start listening to Totally Laime.

Elizabeth says:

Awww, thanks Jack! This made my day 🙂 so glad you found me through Alison!

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