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Tattoosin & Boozin!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 144

Elizabeth and Andy start today’s episode with a few questions regarding tattoos, drinkin’ and other behavior they might feel differently about now that they are parents before diving into listener questions about how to try to connect with a surly and absent sister in law and aunt, how to handle a “dog situation” with the neighbors, what to do about your own insecurities about pornography and masturbation that affect your partner, and whether or not to break up with a boyfriend whom you like in spite of the fact that he doesn’t make you feel all that great about yourself. Enjoy!


Chasity says:

Just want to comment on the ‘Family Photo’ of u guys posted for this episode ๐Ÿ™‚ soo soo this ur very 1st family portrait??
I have to giggle too, bc after your first intermission I had a feeling this was going to be a LONG recording for you! Was happy when u mentioned how long it did actually take ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for being so candid, its always appreciated!!

Have a Great Day you 3!!!!

~Committed Listener

Erica says:

I would definitely wait until Teddy has developed her own personality before you get any ink done. My first thought was something like an over stuffed Teddy bear. The longer you wait the more you’ll know what’s the right way to envelop all of her traits/nicknames and what not.

Megan says:

Sorry I had a good laugh when Elizabeth compared spirituality with masturbation. LOL! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I remember the no sleep talking!

On that topic. If you need to get your rocks off. Please don’t tell the other person. I hate knowing my husband has. It’s really an ego killer.

Jack says:

I agree. Who gives their partner a “head’s up” that they’re about to go and rub one out.

Also, ALL MEN look at porn. Yep. Researchers have found it nearly impossible to do studies on men that don’t look at porn because they can never find any.

So ladies, if you are holding out for that unicorn of a guy that has never partaken…. well, enjoy your cat-lady years.

Brandy_22 says:

Jack, no not all men do. Some actually rely on their spouse as the sole source of their sexual pleasure and visual stimulation. The idea that that it is impossible is lame. Some men also feel a moral reason not to (a Bible based view) and may struggle, but still obstain for personal reasons. We can control what we do and what we chose to look at. While I understand all men may ‘want’ to look at porn, not all men DO. In fact, many are giving it up because of new information that it’s becoming a problem with erectile disfunction. Some men decide not to give in to the “cheap stuff” and save themselves for actual sex. Also, the more you watch, the more of it you want to watch.

Googleporn and errectile disfunction. There’s some great new information. Also, I would rather be a “cat-lady” than be with a man that I’m not enough for (even though I’m actually married and dont’ care for cats).

Kayla says:

I have to say about the family portrait: Elizabeth you look great! Oh and Andy too and the baby is cute.

I have to chime in on the masturbation thing…. The writer’s issues need to be addressed. But they are her own and have nothing to do with we current partner. Honestly the topic is very controlling, it’s his body and it’s not up to people to say how he should enjoy his own autonomy… Can you imagine if a guy was restricting his female partner’s body or sexuality?

I feel bad for your past relationship but don’t show your partner equal disrespect, that’s not okay.

Masha says:

I think your answer to the question about the woman’s insecurities about porn were spot-on! She sounds like she wants to be comfortable with her husband masturbating and looking at porn, and it’ll take some work to get there. Talking to a therapist could really help. One thing–it’s vital that she find a therapist that is sex positive and doesn’t view watching porn or masturbating in a negative light. She should ask right off the bat about this, even before making an appointment, and preferably find a therapist that has dealt with this issue before. Otherwise, she could waste a lot of time dealing with the therapist’s prejudices instead of actually working towards her goal. Good luck!

O-Shen Christ says:

I love hearing the baby cry Nd coo I think you should let her be in the Podcasts whatever way you can also interesting to see the difference between you guys seven hours later how it tired and irritable you were still lovely people even bitchy

Paul says:

Hey Elizabeth. I just wanted to encourage you to try and not worry about baby noises during the podcast. I listen to the show with earbuds, so I hear every peep she makes, and they never bother or distract me. The show is Totally Married and you’re a couple with a newborn – baby noises are to be expected. It’s like we’re all hanging out in your home for an hour.

Think of her as your new co-host.

As for pausing the recording to see to her, for you these may be lengthy distractions, but for your listeners it’s just a quick “Let’s pause the recording/Hey! We’re back!” It’s barely noticeable.

Maybe you could turn a few buck by selling sponsorships for these breaks…


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