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Eric Pearson!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 219

He’s a good friend and an incredibly badass (and incredibly mysterious!) screenplay writer. The fantastic ERIC PEARSON came on and got off to an amazing start by making Elizabeth cry with joy over baked goods. Then they move on to discussions about the most disgusting drawing in the world, what it was like getting robbed as soon as he arrived in LA, why poker almost got the best of him, and what were the two memorable times he’s cried in his life. Enjoy!


Bill says:

This episode was so hilarious. Thanks for stocking up on these in anticipation of Baby Oprah (and congrats). Speaking of which, do whatever you want with the podcast. It’s yours and having it be your style is what makes it work. The Oprah game is definitely weird, but is randomness is an example of what makes the show so charming. That in podcasting you’ve found something that you feel so at home doing and so enthusiastic about doing is inspiring (at least to this person trying to have the same level of devotion to my craft).

Anyway, this episode had me cracking up nonstop after a long, busy week.

Erica says:

I agree! Though it’s weird, one of the moments I sit in anticipation for is the reaction that the guests have after Elizabeth says, “What are your thoughts on that?”

Amy says:

YES! I love the Oprah Game. The awkward pause (I always imagine a blank stare to go along with this) and then “What are your thoughts on that?” ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Catherine says:

I like the Oprah game! And not that you need any advice on it, but I have two ideas (feel free to stop reading if you don’t want to hear!)

1. Maybe provide a longer explanation of the Oprah episode. Seems like a few sentences that say what it was about and re-cap what happened would give a little more context and more fodder for a response.

And 2. Maybe try doing the game earlier in the podcast? I think it would generate more conversation if it didn’t feel like a last minute leftover. (It’s a tough act trying to follow the rapid-fire game.)

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