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Megan Neuringer!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 220

Elizabeth’s dear friend, the talented actress/writer and comedian, MEGAN NEURINGER is back and this episode is a special one. She and Elizabeth don’t hold back discussing real life, the double edged sword of fame, and why death jokes are important to them both. This is probably the most raw/heartfelt episode of Totally Laime ever recordedโ€ฆ for real. Enjoy!


Brian says:

Good morning, Elizabeth! I wanted to thank you for this episode and was hoping that you might give a huge thanks to Megan on my behalf. I’m a twin myself and I can only imagine the pain Megan has suffered since losing her sister. My brother and my relationship has been tense in recent years and it has been difficult to mend. I listened to this episode at work this morning and cried silently through most of it. Words cannot express how much I appreciate Megan’s willingness to share her story. For now, I hope a big fat “Thank You” will do.

Ellie says:

I wanted to thank Megan for sharing her story with the world. People like her and like you, Elizabeth, make this world a better place by acknowledging your own loss and grief thus giving others permission to do the same. I also love how positive you always are about taking care of yourself through therapy and medication–I feel like it is awesome people like the two of you who are helping remove a lot of the stigma that is attached to mental health care!

Erica says:

This was actually very eye opening for me. I haven’t lost a parent or sibling but my boyfriend lost his parents at a very young age and it helped me see things more from his perspective. Thank you both!

Sheila says:

Great Episode! It was really comforting to hearing the both of you share. I found myself relating with a lot of what Megan said from her adolescence and even in her present relationships. Thanks to the both of your for sharing!

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