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Paul Scheer!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 221

TLP fave PAUL SCHEER is back!! He is once again a total joy, getting excited with Andy about impending fatherhood, discussing the bathroom accouterment that has changed his life (and he’s proud to say it!) how he manages looking sharp while rocking’ a white T, and what he plays on his car’s TAPE DECK (ahem), especially when his wife is riding shotgun. Enjoy!


Jil says:

I had to comment on this episode! I was basically yelling in response to the podcast as I listened because I was so excited! (In a good way, not angry yelling) In regards to the “Jack in the Box” story, I had a friend in college who was the nanny for…. Jack!! Well Jack’s children! Jack (not sure that is his actual name) is a real guy! His job is to wear that big head costume and be in all the commercials and at promotional events. The role is apparently very top secret. My friend told me I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone that she knew him or that he lived in our college town. But at one point, she was in LA and was able to visit him on the set of a commercial. He was apparently very particular about everything and very much the star of the show. So I certainly don’t doubt he has his own parking spot. Also, fun fact, a different guy does the voice of Jack for the commercials. So this guy is just the body underneath that goofy/slightly frightening head!

Just had to comment! I love all your podcasts and listen every week. Congrats on adorable Baby O! Thanks for making shows I look forward to listening to always!

Reese says:

I love how Andy and Paul were bonding during this podcast.

Paul declined to mentioned his and June Diane’s baby registry, but when I found out they were pregnant last month, I found the registry and I got them a few items. I got a nice email from Paul and a lovely hand-written thank you card from June Diane this week.

Sam says:

Great cast – probably Top 10… I remember Paul being really funny last time he was on. Jack-in-the-Box was classic.

Getting Things Done… its great… even if you just implement the “2-minute rule” its worth the time to read.

The Boomerang thing sounded cool, and Evernote is good too – except corporate IT doesn’t tend to look favourably on those types of things – haven’t really used them all that much.

Sam says:

Re Squatty Potty / Improving Elimination:
I’ve had quite a bit of improvement in “flow” by sitting up straight on the toilet and stretching my arms above my head, either waving them around or alternating arms stretching them as high as I can.

Christina C. says:

Awesome episode! Love Paul and the chemistry you three had. I wanted to comment on the baby shower for dads. All my friends actually do something called a “Dad-chelor” party while the ladies have the bridal shower. They go to some kind of a bar to watch sports or play dunking games to movies like Die Hard at one of the other houses. It’s become quite the tradition and it’s a fun way to let the dad-to-be get honored too. 🙂

Christina C. says:

Oh darn! I meant drinking games not dunking games!! Stupid autocorrect…

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