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Foster Needed!

Guys, this is Ulysses~ A sweet 7 year old Jindo mix who was pulled from a high kill shelter within hours of being killed. He’s a virgo sun, cancer rising; he loves a good pinot and a night of jazz. (music, not so much on the dancing..) No but really. This guy is awesome. He was a volunteer fave at the shelter which is saying a lot – they see a lot of dogs!

photo 2

Look at that smile – he’s outta there! Now it’s time to find him an awesome crash pad until we find his forever home! Could that be with you?


The truth is that Ulysses is a sweetheart who has had a hard life.Β  A rescue is working to network him for adoption but in the meantime my heart is breaking at the thought of him going into boarding after having been in the scary over-crowded shelter. He needs to get some meat on his bones and he deserves a home with love and comfort.

He’s quiet and sweet and will stay in his crate with nary a peep. He loves other dogs from what we’ve seen and loves rolling in the grass! He needs someone to help him learn how to walk on a leash properly (he’s getting better every day! He’s clearly never been taken on a walk in all of his 7 years…). He also just needs someone to give him a chance, this guy hasn’t had much of that before.

Even with the hardships it’s amazing how spirited he is – he’s full of tail wags and loves treats – when his playful bouncy side comes out it is incredible! Are you the angel who has space in your home/heart to help Ulysses get on his feet (paws) in the meantime?

photo 5

If you are, please contact Elizabeth at TotallyLaime (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are unable to foster, please share this post or the facebook/instagram/twitter posts far and wide until we get this guy under a roof in a loving home! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of Ruby’s butt – where her tail is. Cuz she’s definitely wagging for her new friend πŸ™‚


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Christina says:

OMG! He is so cute! I’m sure he’d make a fantastic friend. I would adopt him if I could, but I don’t live anywhere nearby and don’t have room for another pet if I did. He looks like he’d be so much fun, though.

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