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Josh Briggs!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 227

Our guest today is improvisor, music man, and all around good guy JOSH BRIGGS who came over and wowed us with his magical pupils, discussed train travel with a Mr. Dan Aykroyd, told us what brings him joy in life and shared the story of how he proposed to his missus. Enjoy!


Erica says:

You guys cracked me up on the whole motorcycle/scooter convo.. mostly because it’s so far off base. All in all, hilarious episode.

If y’all ever want any insight on the moto world hollllaaaaaa

Tony says:

This episode is a gem! So many great questions! I was cracking up to this episode. You’re super charming in this one Elizabeth and I could listen to Josh for hours. Great ep!

Michael says:

I had to come back and listen now that I “know” Josh from Totally Beverages. Lo and behold, half an hour in, Andy and Josh start talking beverages!

Benny says:

I’ll be doing the same. Just have to wait to be done with work. I’m so excited to re-listen!

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