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Jake Weisman!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 230

He’s a hilarious (and fascinating!) stand up comedian and former co-host of The Morning After podcast, super Jew JAKE WEISMAN comes on and talks about having a Subaru driving lesbian stuck in a his body, how a person can simultaneously love alt country and EDM, the complexities of sex politics, and how tyrannted talk show hosts make the entertainment world go round. Enjoy!


Ann in Mass. says:

Oh, dear, sweet, innocent Elizabeth! You have so many things to learn about head lice!

I hate to break it to you, but Baby Oprah will almost certainly get lice at some point. This will probably happen at school, most likely during pre-school or elementary school. It has nothing to do with how clean your kid is. In fact, lice seem to prefer cleaner hair over hair with hair product or dirt on it. They jump from one head to another during close head-to-head contact. This is something that all little girls do with their other little girl friends! All it takes is one infected (and probably clean) kid in class to cause an outbreak.

If you do bring Baby Oprah to the doctor about it (which you won’t really need to do, since you will probably find out through the school nurse), s/he will not even blink an eye! They have seen it before!!! Even clean kids get it!!! The doctor won’t think you’re gross or that it’s anyone’s fault.

Lastly, it will gross you out and it will be a major inconvenience, but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT and you will survive!! Take it from me, a mom of three girls with long hair. 😉 The good news about head lice (if there can be any!) is that they do not transmit disease.

If you want to learn more about lice, I recommend reading the information from the CDC at this link:

I always find it helps me feel better to find out more information! Good luck!!

DT says:

I came to say almost the exact same thing.

Don’t take your kid to the doctor for lice. It is an inconvenience, but you can easily treat it with over-the-counter treatments.

Erin says:

Hot lice tip: keeping the hair just slightly greasy (eg. with some leave-in conditioner) makes it too slippery for the lice to hold on to. One to store in the memory bank because, yep, Baby Oprah will get lice at some stage!

O-Shen Christ says:

Jake was right on about prostitution. very wise man!! But body guilt takes lifetimes to overcome and even longer when one doesn’t want to see that its their own guilt they project. In the end all will learn since time really goes backwards or more correctly there is no time! OH so deep for a podcast comment! yup that’s how i roll baby!! suck it Oprah!

O-Shen Christ says:

you Guys are such babies about camping!!! ITs the only way to see most of the country especially Natl. Parks etc!! I’ve been camping for 20 years all over North America and have lived in places in a tent you could only dream exist!!! Also Jake, you use a pee bottle you never get out of your tent!!! get with the program dude!!!

Hannah says:

I was searching through Netflix to find a documentary to watch and ended up watching American Courtesans and immediately thought back to this episode so I thought I’d recommend it

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