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Big Personalities w/Jamie Denbo!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 26

She’s a hilarious mom who keeps it real – and also is a huge inspiration for Elizabeth. Ronna and Beverly’s JAMIE DENBO is today’s cohost – she and Elizabeth discuss the Good/Bad/Funny (Cute Girlie Clothes! You’re In Trouble With The Principal! Racist Children!) before answering listener questions about setting boundaries with kids’ freedom, and whether or not it’s best to wait after marriage to have kids or to dive right on in? Enjoy!


Elanor says:

Am I the only one that thinks kids being racist isn’t funny in the slightest? That’s when you are supposed to nip it in the bud, not encourage it by laughing and giving them what appears to be praise.

I don’t know maybe I am just touchy about it because I work at a nursery and see first hand what it can do to small children.

Elizabeth says:

Hey Elanor! I would totally agree – not cool to encourage racism in little ones, obviously! I don’t think that was the case here though – I think it was a “funny” because of the mortification Jamie felt. Her son was just being curious/honest as kids are – she definitely didn’t encourage it by laughing at the time, and I’m sure she probably explained to him that people are all different and those differences make everyone special after they left. 🙂

Shari says:

I never leave negative comments on anything, but I have to say, the racist thing made me super uncomfortable too. Even when the co-host made the joke about not letting her children play with black or muslim kids, my stomach churned a bit. The story about what her son said to that couple actually made me turn off the podcast. I think that hearing a “just kidding” racist comment, followed closely by something racist her son said, was just too notable. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but I don’t feel like the story about her son needed to be shared at all.

Meghan says:

Elizabeth, I don’t know if you’re looking for baby sleep help, but I wanted to recommend a baby sleep website that has been SO helpful for us:

It was so valuable in navigating the craziness of newborn sleep and then transitioning to getting my daughter to fall asleep on her own with very few tears. There is also an amazing Google+ page where you can get help/support from a lot of knowledgable and, even more importantly, non-judgy parents. I hope you get your awesome sleeper back soon!

And to the writer-inner who is wondering whether she should wait to have kids, I personally don’t think that you need to get in a bunch of adventures before having kids. Like Elizabeth said, having a baby together is a really fun adventure. (Hard and stressful at times, of course, but also fun.) My husband and I waited five years before having a baby, but we were married at 22 so I didn’t feel in any rush. If we had been older we probably wouldn’t have waited so long. I have a family history of infertility so 27 was my personal cut-off to start trying, as I know that it can take sometimes take a long time to get pregnant.

Carrie says:

Thank you, Meghan, for telling us about “Raising Lions”! After the podcast I ordered it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I am raising two boys- one a 13 year old roaring lion & need all the help I can get. I’ve read lots of books on childrearing, but wish this would have been the first. Now to work on getting him out of the omnipotence stage…

Jennie says:

Jamie Denbo is not in the least bit racist. I fully understand and empathise with her determination to do the best she can for her son who is strong personality. I had one the same and what I can confirm is that formal educators mostly want free thinkers and strong individuals to conform at the earliest possibility. While I understand the need to curb disruptive behaviour in the classroom too often it is managed poorly.

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