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Janet Varney!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 231

Elizabeth’s friend, actress and host of The JV Club, the fantastic JANET VARNEY is back after way too long to discuss stolen identities, finding a gun while hiking, the hope that people are inherently good, and oh yeah – is she a naked person? Listen to find out. Enjoy!


O-Shen Christ says:

Hilarious U got off riding in back of squad car Janet!! You think it’s uncomfy. Try riding with ur hands cuffed behind ur back to tight and the pressure of ur body against cuffed hands is excruciatingly uncomfy

Lindsey says:

Great guest! I love Janet Varney.

I found the person who stole my identity through Facebook- because criminals are stupid.

From an article on Forbes- average starting salary for a 2013 college grad is $45K.

Alia says:

Someone broke into my partner’s car and the only thing they stole was a USB cord. But they threw her car title & insurance info onto the wet grass. Stupidly, the person dropped a receipt in the same spot! The receipt had his name on it – it was pretty hilarious. That person hasn’t watched enough Veronica Mars.

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