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Doctor Rosen Rosen!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 233

In this special episode of Totally Laime – brought to you by a guest cancellation – Elizabeth gets to know the mystery that is psychic Andy (aka Dr. Rosen Rosen) a whole lot better. From life’s bigger questions (Does everything happen for a reason?) to toilet adventures to childhood fistfights, we cover it all in this episode. Enjoy!


Carrie says:

Hi guys! I wonder if you guys have been getting credit for your amazon purchases or not… this link makes it sound like amazon just doesn’t credit your purchases through your own link.

To be honest, I would absolutely keep using it for anything you need for Andy’s business stuff because that’s a separate entity, and I don’t think there is anything morally/rule-wise wrong with it.

Keep on, keepin’ on!

Jonah says:

Fool’s Argument
Before I respectfully disagree with what you said I must first say that I love all three of your podcasts. I’ve been listening since the earwolf challenge and love the combination of humor and deep topics.
Now the disagreement with what you called science’s fool’s argument about death. You are correct when you say that we know very little of all there is to know. However, what I think a goal of science to be is to use what we do know to inform what we do not know. Nothing about what we do know suggests in any scientific way that there is anything after death other than turning to dust.

Kristen says:

Andy is awesome. Elizabeth, not so much since the baby. All about herself or baby Oprah. Andy has a lot if patience.

Elizabeth says:

Kristen, you do know that I, Elizabeth, field these comments, right?

Good point though, I am all about me or the baby. It’s called being a mother to an infant.

If you’d like though I can definitely give you your zero dollars back for the chore of listening to me being not awesome. Just let me know!

Bill says:

What a ridiculous comment Kristen left, but, Elizabeth, your response here was classic! Still love the show(s), love hearing about the baby even though I am not a parent, love hearing from Andy, love all your guests. You put a ton of work into a product that many of us look forward to. Having tried my hand meekly at podcasting and being a writer, I know how tough it is to be consistent even without a partner, a child, etc. Keep rocking out and putting 3 rad podcasts together (seriously, if I could keep to a regular schedule I’m sure I’d be a lot happier).

Jillian says:

That was so shitty! Excellent response. I’m not even a mom and I love Totally Mommy. Keep doing what you’re doing Elizabeth! The continuous stream of content is why I solely use your amazon link.

anna says:

First, there is some kind of magic in the Andy episodes because they always bring the comments! In this case, a real cookoo one!

Elizabeth, you are a brilliant entertainer and I, along with the thousands and thousands and thousands of loyal listeners, are ever eager for you to continue to develop new content and broaden the Totally empire.

Sean says:


Elizabeth, just for the record, we love hearing about Baby Opes! Also, I don’t understand what Andy could be so “patient” about but whatever.

Rik says:

Andy has so much patience, listening to this woman talking about his own baby to him. What a saint.

Katie says:

That’s the rub about putting yourself out there in the public eye. There are always going to be nasty trolls who get off on trying to make you feel bad. Hurling insults for self enjoyment has been around forever (can’t you imagine this happening in ancient Greece?)! Although now, with the safe anonymous platform of the internet, it’s way easier for trolls to spew bullshit.

I’m a long time listener. Since baby Oprah was born, I have enjoyed listening so much more (I’m not a parent). Thank you guys for working so hard to put out the podcasts. They’re awesome and make so many people happy.

This commenter is a total trash bag. Blegh! Don’t let it ruin your day, Elizabeth!

Robin says:

Rik: I came here to make the same comment, you beat me to it!

Elizabeth: Unfortunately, this comes with the territory. But this is one person in a sea of hundreds and thousands, so rest assured you are doing a great job.

Alia says:

I can’t believe that comment happened. Elizabeth, you are wonderful! As Robin said, there will always be those few people who are negative for no reason other than their own insecurities. People attack others only when something is wrong in their own life.
Just keep doing what you do, be who you are, and know that we love you, Andy, and Baby Opes!

Lindsey says:

Kristen what a trash bag! E,A, and Baby O you are all fantastic! Of course you bring mom life to the table, YOU ARE A MOM!! Don’t let the haters take you down. Love me some Andy-centric podcasts, happy to hear him as the guest or cohost any day!

Dominic says:

Concerning religion, my family was always very Catholic (“Blue State Catholic”; meaning my family was very much “We believe in God. We think gay people are okay and not sinful. And we see abortion as wrong because we think of abortion as the murder of a child, having nothing to do with a woman’s bodily autonomy, but otherwise women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their body”)…

So in my house “everything happens for a reason” was basically “God has a plan and it happened this way according to His plan”.

I’m used to hearing it both ways because my family was Catholic, but I know plenty of spiritual but not religious people use terms like “karma” or “what goes around comes around” or the idea of “putting energy out” or things like that.

When you come from a very religious-minded house you’re taught that there’s a Supreme Being (or beings) that control things.

So it was never a strong leap for me to think that way.

In fact, I used to get taken aback when people would say “what goes around comes around” because… well, they weren’t religious.

In my mind, if they didn’t believe in something pulling the strings, then how was anything going to “come around”? How are things going to “come around” again to that person if no one’s there to make it happen that way?

Even things like astrology or reincarnation made more sense from a very religious-minded standpoint, because if people were getting sorted according to when they were born, or if people were getting the chance to come back as different things, then it all seemed to point to some kind of “Plan”.

These are things I don’t totally realize until I hear them from someone who’s agnostic or atheist, because even if they don’t believe or aren’t sure of a god or God, using the terms like “karma” are just so second-nature for us at this point.

You almost don’t notice that they’re spiritual terms or that it’s sort of like “divine punishment” or “Judgement Day” in a way.

As for Elizabeth’s question about the Bible, there are definitely some passages that talk about God’s plan for people, usually in terms of like “the meek shall inherit the Earth” or “separating the wheat from the chaff”, or talking about “the way that you judge others is how you yourself will be judged”.

My personal favorite is the Biblical “what goes around comes around” which is Hosea 8:7, “They who have sown wind will reap the whirlwind”.

Another one that’s very common is Matthew 6:25-26 “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

That’s the passage that the very famous song His Eye is On the Sparrow comes from.

The message is more or less, “Why are you afraid, God has a plan for everything, even the birds. He’s even watching the sparrows, so of course He’s got a plan for you too”.

Bill says:

What I came here to comment on, er, ask, is what is the track that plays as your outtro on each show? Every week I love it and mean to ask. Is it something Andy composed? Some kind of stock music? Something else? Whatever it is, for some reason it always makes me happy. It’s kinda silly and cheerful, but that’s what I like about it and a great piece of music on a Friday. It makes me want to dorkily dance and listen to it while I clean the house or something. Okay, I’m possibly getting too into it, but what is it?

O-Shen Christ says:

Yes Bill Andy wrote all three podcast themes and they all rock hard

Bill says:

Even the little ditty at the end of Totally Laime? That’s my fave! Anyhow, fun stuff.

O-Shen Christ says:

Yes Andy has serious skills! Record producer extraordinaire!

Matt says:

If you can’t shop through your own Amazon link you I would recommend finding a charity that you want to donate your purchases to. The animal shelter that I volunteer for set up an Amazon Smile account (, so 0.5% of the purchases that people make through their link are donated to the shelter. If the Mutt Scouts don’t have this set up you should recommend it and then all of the diapers and such that you’re buying from Amazon will help them out.

Ben says:

Pee on the leg, standing to wipe, McDonalds guilt – I have too much in common with Andy. By the way, I came to the podcast through stumbling across Meg on a Billboard video. As someone who associates with Jehovah’s Witnesses, her music has quite an impact on me – thanks to Andy for the work he’s done in getting her music out & I look forward to hearing more of it. Regarding everything happening for a reason, I happened to hear this yesterday: I am mostly atheistic but would like something like this to be true.
Also, surely I’m not the only one who was waiting to take note of the dancer with whom Andy was briefly enthralled.

Kaci says:

Andy- I want you to know that you are not alone on the “sitting to wipe” situation. Until I heard it on this podcast years ago, I never knew that people stood up to wipe! In fact, I still attest that standing is much more effective! 🙂 Haha! Thanks for enlightening me on potty culture!

Jack says:

ok, as long as we’re “going there” – don’t the cheeks tend to come together when you stand up or do you assume the “Captain Morgan” pose on the tub or some other surface to access the required area?

Jack says:

I thought the “what athlete would you want to be” question for you two was obvious, but they didn’t even get an honorary mention:

Andy – Tennis
Elizabeth – Gymnastics

DT says:

1. Answering my daughters’ questions does get seriously exhausting sometimes and I need a break. But, I’m just honest with them: Okay, I can’t answer anymore questions right now.

2. The topic of Andy being a wee guy into his mid-teens has come up a few times. Also, it sounds like he was kind of a bad kid. It makes me wonder: Elizabeth, if Andy’s family hadn’t moved away, and you’d known him all those years, do you think your flame for him would have been extinguished?

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