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Sarah Burns!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 234

You know her from HBO’s Enlightened and Comedy Central’s Drunk History – The gorgeous, hilarious AND edgy actress/improv comedian SARAH BURNS is back to discuss her gothic rebellion, the embarrassment of having a “The Cure” notebook, her recent adventures in Ireland with a sexy professor and more. Enjoy!


Monica G says:

Ok. Hilarious episode. Haven’t finished it yet but I had to comment.
I am an esthetician. I went to school for ten months, trained in skin care, waxing and a lot of other fun spa treatments. Waxing: the only way to learn and perfect your skills is to practice on a real person. We started off practicing on each other. You learn real quick which girls have the wax talent and which ones to never let touch your hairy special places.
It takes time to get good at waxing, especially brazilians. Waxing can also be super fun and gratifying, may sound funny, but to the esthetician it is amazing to have a happy client who is hair free. I absolutely love it.

Kate says:

Sorry, Elizabeth but Andy is actually right! In the Oprah theme song she is saying “dry.” I remember this because she is getting ready to go onstage and is fanning her hand at her wet eye makeup. Just fyi!

O-Shen Christ says:

Could u explain cards against humanity and why they ask u NoT to read ads!? I’m very prerplexed.

Kim says:

Companies sometimes ask to not read ads so that people listening think “thats cool, they didn’t want to take up our time”. Boosts their image a bit even if their product doesn’t get explained.

Lara says:

On the waxing tip: Yes, when estheticians go to school they need people to practice on. I had a friend use me and other friends as guinea pigs when she was going through school. Let me just say I am very happy I was not the first friend she worked on. Her first attempt to wax a friend went on for almost two hours. Thank goodness she improved over time and mine only took 45 minutes, but it was pretty painful and awkward (much more than at the salon). This podcast gave me flashbacks to that moment. Yikes!

Laila says:

Hey Guys,

Don’t sweat the UHaul joke. I’ve never met a lesbian who was offended by that.(There’s probably someone out there somewhere who’s bothered, I guess, but I bet she’s no fun at all.) It’s kind of a cute, affectionate stereotype πŸ™‚ So a lot of us are kind of … nesty. What’s wrong with that?

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