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What’s The Point w/ Jessica St. Clair!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 30

She’s the co-creator and co-star (along with guest cohost Lennon Parham!) of Elizabeth’s new favorite show, Playing House on USA and is a complete ray of sunshine – the hilarious and adorable JESSICA ST. CLAIR comes on and discusses the Good/Bad/Funny (Crib Sleeping and Sleeping Through The Night!/ Egg Allergy or Vaccine and Tunic wearing!/ Baby photo meltdown and Paying in change!) Then they answer listener questions about sex after baby plus… what’s the point in having kids? Jessica also shares her very touching story of how she decided to become a mom. Enjoy!


Kels837 says:

OH MY GOSH. I love all of your podcasts, Elizabeth, and especially Totally Mommy these days. But I was cracking up this ENTIRE episode. I always tell my mom friends about your podcasts, but I may actually SEND this one to them. It was hysterical!!!

LA-LA says:

Agree! This episode was particularly awesome. Please have Jessica back on the pod soon!

This was a great episode ladies! I just wanted to chime in on the gal who was having trouble getting back in the sack. I felt pretty similarly about sex and worried that my libido was irrevocably gone. I really didn’t get back in the groove until about 8 months pp. We just kept giving it a go about once a month and around that time things just started getting better. Now it’s better than ever. I really loved your comments about nurturing being our gift as women. That was a really uplifting insight. Thanks gals!

Emily says:

Jessica St. Clair is so. freaking. funny. She is hilarious on Comedy Bang Bang! The story about telling her costar to run away…. Seriously the best.

Meghan says:

I agree with you 100% about labor vs. the first trimester. I would do labor again in a SECOND, no hesitation, if it meant I got to skip the horrible nausea and food aversions that were my constant companions during my first trimester. And I’ve been saying this since right after my baby was born, so you are definitely not alone! 🙂

Steph says:

I loved your guest! She is hilarious. Her voice sounded so familiar and then I realized that she does Marissa Wompler, my favorite character on Comedy Bang Bang.

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