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Chris Farren!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 235

Lead Singer of Fake Problems, T-shirt Afficionado, Laimewad, and punk celebrity Chris Farren joins us to discuss his recent Jimmy Fallon synergistic moment, getting touched by Jesus according to his mother, what shenanigans can take place during an AirBnB stay and why he was able to shake off getting peed on by a merch guy. Enjoy!


O-Shen Christ says:

Didn’t know the guest but thoroughly enjoyed him and loved his T-Shirts especially his inception style!!! So clever and funny!! fyi i also hate the oprah game but simply FF thru it

Tyson says:

I love the oprah game! Love the different type of guest reactions. It really is rad, the more vague the description the better. You can learn a lot about some one by the way they handle a situation where they are not sure what to do. Thanks for making me smile through a few hour a week of my crappy job.

Hannah says:

I love it for exactly that reason, as well. The reactions to the game are always so funny to me.

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