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Regan Burns!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 237

He’s a hysterical actor and comedian from basically everything on TV but most recently the Emmy nominated Disney’s Dog With A Blog – REGAN BURNS came on and discussed his near death experience with a sea kayak, what went wrong at his wedding that involved an emergency room visit, why Katy Perry is taking up a lot of space in his musical life right now and lastly, what it was like being on stage with OPRAH mothafuckin’ WINFREY! Check it:


Maureen says:

Regan’s impressions of Elizabeth were hilarious!

Btw, your 3rd cousin means your grandmother and their grandmother (or grandfather and grandfather, etc) were 1st cousins.

Love the show!


LA-LA says:

Listened to this once, almost drove off the road cry-laughing.

Listened to this twice, with my husband in the car…we had to stop and grab some G2’s.

Great episode!

Ben says:

Chiming in with my appreciation. I almost swtiched off when Elizabeth transitioned from Gatorade to horrific death story but Regan managed to make even that funny. Thanks for what you do. It’s been a difficult week for those of us who deal with depression but you help make the world seem a little brighter.

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