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Lisa Schwartz!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 238

She’s a sparkling, adorable internet sensation, and a friend of Elizabeth’s – the ever charming LISA SCHWARTZ comes back on and discusses youtube culture (Find her there @LisBug) why cheese and her do not get along, what lil Lisa was like back in college (hot professor alert!) and lastly, why her former backup plan makes her the perfect person (according to Elizabeth!). Enjoy!


LA-LA says:

Okay, so you didn’t grieve over Robin Williams–fine. But we’re all still going to throw ourselves off a cliff if/when Oprah goes (I choose to leave the door open on the possibility of her immortality), right?

Great episode! Gotta check out @lisbug, she seems awesome. Ovation!

Shaleilee says:

Absolutely loved this episode. I’m a huge fan of all three podcasts, as well as Lisbug. Funny side note, I found this podcast months ago after beginning to listen to Alie and Georgia after listening to their podcast featuring another one of my favorite Youtubers. One thing though is that a lot of the information about the Shaytards was incorrect. They are a Mormon family of 7 (5kids) however the kids do not have their own channels. Also, the name comes from one of Shay’s first viral videos- him dancing in his wife’s unitard. Someone used the phrase “Shaytard Rebellionites” in the comments and it just stuck. He gave his children -tard names back in 2009ish for privacy and safety. He has since released their real names. He also now says that he sees that that wasn’t the best branding decision, but it’s what they chose.

One thing I find interesting about the whole Youtube/Vlogging thing is that content creators do have a choice in what they share and what they keep private. They have total control of their business which I think is really great and empowering in this day and age. You don’t have to be a CEO of a corporation to have a successful brand of entertainment and to be accessible to the masses.

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