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Laimemoms – You Deserve A Break!


Hi Laimemoms and Dads! We all know that being a parent is wonderful, yeah yeah yeah, but also exhausting — and there’s no such thing as paid vacation! The fine peeps over at WeeSpring wants to make traveling with little ones a little easier, so they’re giving away all the essentials you’ll need to hit the road with your family, plus a gorgeous (and kid-friendly!) vacation home to stay in.  Because you deserve a break! Enter at This is an awesome chance to win a dream family getaway, plus all the travel gear you’ll ever need (worth more than $3,500 in total. (Yowzahs!) Do it!

ALSO, please answer in the comments – where would you want to go with the kiddos if you could go anywhere for free? (this has nothing to do with this amazing giveaway, just curious!)


Cassie says:

Uuuggghhh – I need a vacation.
We’d go to Portland, OR to visit family but a cross-country plane trip is terrifying right now with a 7 month-old. BUT we gotta go before he turns two so we don’t have to pay for that extra ticket.

Jacquie F. says:

I don’t have kids yet but when I do I definitely want to take them North Carolina. My mom used to take us there in the summer and we would stay up in the mountains near Highlands.

I didn’t really appreciate it at the time but it is amazing that she took us on vacation there each summer with being a single mom and working full time. She drove the 9 hours there and back with 3 annoying kids in the car (and a few times our dog as well trying to climb in her lap while driving). I remember not wanting to go, I wanted to just stay home all summer and play on the computer but she got us out of the house and out rafting, climbing, hiking, seeing beautiful sights up in the mountains. It was amazing and I wish I could’ve appreciated it more as a kid.

Lindsey says:

Not very original , but I’d LOVE to go to Hawaii! I’ve never been but we love the beach and it’d be so fun to watch the kiddos play in the sand and relax on the beach!

Andrea says:

Somewhere warm, and importantly, I’d like to get there via a direct flight at a convenient time. If money were no object, I’d always fly direct at a convenient time (and first class…wow).

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