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Michael McMillian!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 245

In this special episode (Stay tuned til the end for a bittersweet announcement!) We have a TLP favorite – True Blood’s MICHAEL MCMILLIAN back to discuss how he handles almost killing someone, how he stabbed himself, which song most represents him, why professors dating their students rubs him the wrong way, and lastly which product on Amazon has the longest title of all? Enjoy!


victoria says:

I’m sad that there will be no more Totally Laime but it is very understandable given how busy you both are and how hard you work.Thank you so much for the hours and hours of entertainment and laughs! Will definitely continue listening to Totally Married and Mommy!

Clare says:

I’m so sad, but I do love your reasoning, to go out on top and while you still love it. Some of my favorite episodes have been guests I’ve never heard of, E and A bring something special out in every guest. It gives me the warm fuzzies! Thank you so much for 5 years of TGIF, I’m really glad I still have Totally Married, Totally Mommy, and at least for now, TBASH. Love you guys!

Becca says:

Glad we will still have your other podcasts. Thanks for all the entertainment you give us! Also, for the record, living in suburban Kansas City is not as lame as this episode made it seem.

O-Shen Christ says:

glad we have Andy’s pod to take over for you being a total slacker!!! LOL thanks for the great guests, glad to end it with a great funny dude!!!

Diane says:

I’m really going to miss this show! I enjoy your other podcasts, but this one’s always been my fave — the chemistry of you, Andy, and the guest is always so great. Totally understand you moving on, and knew it was inevitable at some point, but my Friday mornings are going to be distinctly less funny from now on. I look forward to the next 15 (+ Oprah), though. xo

Heather says:

I’m so sad to hear that this is coming to an end πŸ™ it is a wonderful funny hour! Me and my coworker were just saying that you guys need one more podcast so that we will have a new one everyday to listen to!

DT says:


I fell in love with this podcast during the Earwolf Challenge and really started pulling for it. I was so happy when it won, but I knew I would be a loyal listener regardless of the result.

I’m legitimately choked up about this.

I’m glad I have the other Totally podcasts to listen to.

Thanks for the years of entertainment, E&A. I look forward to the last 15. They’ll all be bittersweet.

Thank you sooo soo much for all the years of joy you have brought to my life. I jumped with joy on the L train when your pregnancy was confirmed, I cried when baby Oprah came into your lives, and have had my share of snot laughs in the office on a regular basis. This podcast will be listened to endlessly going forward. I will forever be a Laime-wad. I love you both!

Jillian says:

Wow. Such disappointing news. This pod introduced me to more new people from the comedy world than any other. And even the guests who are on other shows always seemed to share more here since the format is so fun and loose. Really sad that this is the one you chose to kill. ugghhhh. Babies ruin everything!
But really, thanks for all the laughs. Deleting this podcast from my subscriptions will be a heartbreaker.

Laura L says:

I came in at Episode 142 (Fiona Gubelmann) and was hooked. I’ve since been listening forward and backwards in time– which is a little confusing but also wonderful. I’m thankful for the next 15 episodes of Totally Laime and the <100 episodes I have left to listen to from the past.

Merle McDowell says:

I feel partially responsible for this. Before I tuned in today, I was thinking, “Wow, they sure are doing a lot of podcasts… ” And now this πŸ™ I totally jinxed it!

I absolutely love your podcasts. I will continue to diligently listen to Totally Married, Totally Mommy, and TBASH. Elizabeth, Andy, you two are just so wonderful and just so funny.

But, I totally understand. It’s just so many things! And, you really want to end things on a good note, like Friends or Scrubs. You’re avoiding the shows that stay too long and get terrible, like How I Met Your Mother or Happy Days. Better to end while things are great!

I can’t wait for these final episodes, as sad as I’ll be. Thank you for all the years, you two πŸ™‚

Jessi says:

I’m honestly heartbroken that the amazing Totally Laime is coming to an end. You guys introduced me to the world of podcasts and because of Totally Laime I discovered so many comedians and other podcasts that I’ve fallen in love with. TL is the first podcast I followed religiously, and you never forget your first! Although I’m sad to see it end I’m really looking forward to the last 15 episodes. Thanks for being totally awesome! Xoxoxo

Jacquie F. says:

After the funny sex toy talk I was going to suggest having Sex Nerd Sandra on again but I guess its too late for that. I actually got my first ever toy at age 25 after listening to her podcast and wish I’d done it much sooner.

Do you think maybe now and then you’ll have special guests on Totally Married? Maybe just people who were your friends and regular guests on Totally Laime. I’ll be sad to never hear you and Kulap/Mary Elizabeth/Artemis/June chatting together again.

Shelly says:

Just started to get into the show. I heard you on one bad mother and started to listen then. Your shows gets me through my work day. I understand but it’s still sad. πŸ™ y’all rock!!!!!!!

Nigel says:

I’ve been listening since Mark Duplass was on and there hadn’t been a week where I missed an episode. You guys have been humming in my ear buds from the Rockies to the beaches of Indonesia. You two have been there from my late teens to law school. Best wishes and be sure to celebrate all your future successes with a good beverage and sometimes hot sauce.

Ryan says:

Elizabeth: I will miss your laugh so much.
Andy: You are a not so secret man-crush.

Can I request Lauren Lapkus and Jenny Slate for your final fifteen? My three favorite ladies of comedy would be silly happy-making.

Jon Gabrus? Jon Gabrus? One of the best episodes ever.

I will miss you guys. You were my non-ABC TGIF.

Besties 4evr,

Emily says:

After hearing the news, I went back and listened to episode one (it’s just Elizabeth and Andy), and it is so fun to hear how far this podcast has come! I recommend everyone going back and listening to it! It’s a hoot!

Jessi says:

Oh my gosh, I’m listening to it now and they’re talking about Andy’s gift with numbers from day one!! Fun throwback!

Reina says:

OMG despite the disappointing news Totally Laime is coming to an end you had me desperately trying to hold back the laughter on a bus while listening to this eppy and a discussion about certain items available on Amazon! When Elizabeth started reading the really long product name and she lost it I lost it as well.

Just a suggestion – if you can get Greg Behrendt as one of your final 15 that would be fantastic. I loved your show with him and he always makes me laugh as do the two of you.

Wahn says:

I feel like your killing the goose that laid the golden egg. You were doing something with a totally unique voice that brought out the best in both of you. Marin got a tv show but he knows where his strength lies.

Oh well, there’s nothing like a good Beverage.

Richard C says:

I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to schedule a guest for a podcast every week.
Will always love Totally Laime, but it’s hard to be sad when I still get so much quality time with Elizabeth and Andy through the week.

Nishat says:

I guess the saying is really true: all good things DO come to an end πŸ™

As saddened as I was about the news, I still want to take an opportunity to thank you and Andy for the trillions of inappropriate giggles you brought out of a wallflower like myself. You two have such great chemistry and rapport with each guest on every episode! Thank you for keeping me company on my miserable subway rides home; thank you for making my Saturday evenings fun; and of course thank you for an absurd amount of laughter, the best kind of medicine! Although the end nears for Totally Laime, I look forward to all of your unqualified “life” advice (and Andy’s new-found beverage expertise!)

Thanks again, lots of luv to you, Andy and baby Oprahhhh!!!!!!

Rhonda says:

Damn, I have a huge crush on Michael Mcmillian now.

I’d like to weigh in on the ending of Totally Laime. I got emotional when I heard about it because, like some others here, I’ve been listening for a few years. I jumped on the wagon during the Earwolf Challenge.
As soon as the spin-offs were announced I quickly subscribed.
I find each one cheerful, insightful and fun to listen to in their own ways.

But, you know, at this point, I can’t say that the original gangster, Totally Laime, is my favorite or the best anymore. I’d be happy if it just went on forever, but there are now THREE other ones (or 2.5 depending on how you look at it, no disrespect)! In fact, I’ve oft wondered how can they produce so many podcasts in a week?!
If I had new episodes of all four, I would listen in this order:
Totally Married
Totally Mommy
Totally Laime or Totally Beverages and sometimes Hot sauce

So….if one’s gotta go….I guess I’ll be one of the people who’s not majorly disappointed!

So much LOVE for the Totally empire!!
I’m constantly spreading the good word πŸ™‚

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