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Paul F Tompkins!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 252

YOU GUYS!! The wonderful and dapper dude who needs no intro, PAUL to the F to the TOMPKINS is in the house to explain the origins of humble pie, to announce the recent cure that’s been discovered for Lou Gehrig’s disease, and to discuss why he’s now totally cool with Dominoes Pizza! He also gives HIS advice to a past listener question from Totally Married! This is NUMERO 8 of our Last Laugh… Enjoy!

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TBASH 10 – Amanda Sitko [Four Loko Tasting!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 10

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s our first-ever tasting menu!  Heeding absolutely no listener advice, Psychic Andy & Intern Josh go on a study of excess with Four Loko, and special guest: comedian/writer Amanda Sitko!  Also: K-Cups, beverage points, soup in mugs, and of course, what they’re thankful for (beverage-wise).
See comments section for show notes…
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47 – Separation Oy Vay w/ Vanessa Ragland!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 47

After her last brave and beautiful episode of Totally Mommy, the inspiring VANESSA RAGLAND is back! We discuss our Good/Bad/Funnies (Clapping! Playing Together! Separation Anxiety! First Swim! Media Entertainment!) before diving in with our unqualified advice to listener questions about introducing dog and baby, struggling with fear of pregnancy and labor, and how to communicate with your mom about your choice to stay home with your kids when that wasn’t what she did with you. Enjoy!

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Planta Gratis!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 177

Want some free plants or some planta gratis? Elizabeth and Andy discuss one of the many reasons why they adore their landlord before giving plenty of super unqualified advice to listener questions about finding ways to cope with anger issues, how to handle a toxic long term friendship, how to meet other lesbians in a small southern town, whether or not to switch majors in college to something you’re passionate about (film, in this case) or stay the course to please your family, finding a way to let your coworkers know you are reading their mouths because of hearing issues, not because they have food stuck in their teeth, and lastly, how to handle friends who are still stuck in party mode when you are heading towards happy grown-ups-ville? Enjoy!