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Jason Mantzoukas!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 256

The man, the myth, the legend, JASON MANTZOUKAS – one of our all time favorite performers (and many people’s “ideal man”) is back for our Last Laugh #4! We discuss putting out on dates to be polite, why he bought an ’89 car on ebay, what his punk bands names were in highschool, how the squatty potty has changed his life and why he has unknowingly made a huge impact in Elizabeth’s life in the puzzle department. Enjoy!


Jacquie F. says:

How did I know having Jason Mantzoukas on would cause the conversation to be all about sex? I’m only 12 minutes in and already love it. Listen to the How Did This Get Made Howdie Awards Part 2 for a supercut of every time Jason has mentioned sex, it is amazing.

Jacquie F. says:

Here is a link to the part of the episode I mentioned above. Now there is no excuse to not listen to Jason being the best at being a pervert.

O-Shen Christ says:

Impressive second time since I laughed so hard I cryed!!! Especially the landlord watching Andy Jizz bit!! Holy shit Jason is da man!!! :))))

Sean says:

I haven’t listened yet but I must say Elizabeth you really have been delivering with the Last Laugh guests! Love Jason. Love Megan Amram. Love Artemis & Mary Elizabeth. You’re honestly just making it more difficult to accept an end to TLP at this point.

Kristin says:

fuuuckkking love that you had Jason on again before the end of the pod. Please be writing a role for him in the show you’re working on Elizabeth!

Shout out Slint!

David says:

Ugh I’m catching up on a backlog and feeling the Last Laugh extra hard…
But even though I’m late to the party I’ll say it’s absolutely perfect that A) last episode Elizabeth accidentally played 1.25 seconds of the ending theme when she meant to hit Blast My Nips! and B) it wouldn’t be the TLP Last Laugh if all of the episodes actually recorded properly, now would it? 😀

Vincent's Mom says:

Great episode! I am with you Elizabeth. I love 311! They have been one of my favorite bands since middle school! See them everytime they come around.

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