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TBASH 17 Brian & Lindsay [Tapatio vs Cholula Shootout!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 17

RoRo & JoJo are joined by LINDSAY PAVLAS & BRIAN FERNANDES from MaxFun’s Brian & Lindsay Will Totally Eat That for their inaugural HOT SAUCE episode!  Will they eat TAPATIO and CHOLULA?  Totally! The gang talks McD’s, over-caffeination, food-based bev accessories, more AeroPress love, our first-ever BevHead SclusyToot, and a big GFY to Corporate America!

See comments section for SHOW NOTES…

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Bladder Emergencies w/Vanessa Ragland!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 56

The glorious VANESSA RAGLAND is back and in primo co-hosting mode with tales of being lost with a full bladder and hysterical texts from babysitters. We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Dancing! Climbing stairs! Balance! Diaper Change fiascos! Reading farts! Dog poops matching baby food!) before answering listener questions about the fun/good/bad/funny vortex that is the pregnancy message board, whether or not to get the flu shot while pregnant, and the biggest question of them all – to circumcise or to not circumcise? Enjoy!

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Anxiety Pod!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 186

Happy Monday! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the end of Totally Laime plus Andy’s prediction that Elizabeth will smoke in the next six months before answering listener questions about how to spice up ones love life with a long term partner (and whether or not that can/should involve threesomes), how to handle your partner’s baby mama drama, what thoughts Elizabeth and Andy have on pursuing creative careers and entrepreneurship, and lastly, should a highschool student make the move on his crush when his time is running out? Enjoy!

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The End Of The Road!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 260

Laimewads, we love you. Doing this podcast for the last five years has been incredible. With want to thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts for coming on this journey and keeping us going. Doing Totally Laime has been beautiful and fun, and touching and fulfilling in ways we never could have imagined. We hope you’ll join us over at Totally Married, Totally Mommy, and Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce – The fun will continue but we’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for the original – always and forever, Totally Laime. xo Elizabeth, Psychic Andy, Mascot Ruby, and Baby Oprah.