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Scott Aukerman!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 257

Happy New Year, Laimewads! Our gift to you – The big cheese himself, Hot Saucerman, Space Mosserman, Totally Aweserman is here! SCOTT AUKERMAN is bringing this puppy full circle for our Last Laugh #3 – We discuss all the fun stuff – great ways to die, how stress manifests, delivering babies and we share our New Year’s Resolutions! Enjoy!


Michael says:

I don’t feel like I’ve heard Scott be as sincere as he is here. He’s still hilarious, of course, but he seemed far less “in character” than most of his podcast appearances.

Great ep!

O-Shen Christ says:

Most nursery rhymes are very old and help comfort People during times of plague and dealing with how harsh life was long ago. Ring around the Rosie was about the Black Death for example.

Luis Niebla says:

What an amazing episode! I caught this in the middle of binge watching Comedy Bang Bang, what a great show! Shoutout to Elizabeth’s little performance in S2E15! So gonna miss this show for these amazing guests, it’s been such a good run!

kristin says:

such a great ep! i was surprised scott didn’t take the opportunity to sneak in MY WIFE and its been awhiiilllle when they came up. while you’re going out with a bang and killing it with the guests it is only making it more of a bummer that the podcast is coming to an end.

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