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Aubrey Plaza!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 258

We’re bringing in the big guns and by that we mean the lovely, hilarious and only cries on planes guns – the beautiful AUBREY PLAZA is back to discuss finding skulls, why her sisters are so much cooler than her (impossible!), what it was like being caught in a stand off in NYC, and what it’s like leaving a job/family as awesome as Parks and Rec after so many years. It’s our Last Laugh #2 – Enjoy!


G says:

I was so happy to see who your guest was today!

Her first appearance on Totally Laime made such a mark for me: she was one of first people in entertainment that I’d ever hear speak openly about having migraines.

I’ve had them since I was twelve, and I had a brain abscess (benign tumor) in my 20’s that sounded a lot like her experience with her stroke. I hate that she’s had such awful, painful struggles in her life, but I just want her to know how important it was for me to hear someone cool speak about stories like mine as if they are NBD. If you can, let her know those stories meant a whole lot to somebody out there and she’s the best and… and…viva Parks and Rec!

Thank you, Aubrey! Thank you, Elizabeth!

Peter says:

Late on commenting on this, but love/loved this interview you all did :). I think I have played this and the 2011 interview with Aubrey like 15-times over at work, lol. Its casual, funny, and just kinna soothing. Thanks to Aubrey and you both (Elizabeth and Andy)! 🙂

Peter says:

Thank you, tho! Hope you and Andy and not baby/toddler doing super 🙂

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