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Ron Livingston!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 259

Laimewads, it’s here. The final frontier, the last laugh, the end of the road. And we couldn’t be happier because today our guest happens to be one of our all time favorite comedic actors – from two of our all time favorite comedies, (Office Space and Swingers!) … dun dun dun… RON LIVINGSTON! If anyone in my life had ever told me that Ron motherf**king Livingston would be kicking it in my dining room, drinking a beer with us, we’d have laughed. Well turns out we’re still laughing, but this time it’s with Ron Livingston, in our dining room, drinking beers!! Staying true to our motto “asking the most important people the least important questions”, we discuss urinals, last meals, home remodels and sexual awakening movies. We love Ron. And we love you. Enjoy!


Alia says:

Ron Livingston!!! Such a great last laugh!
Thank you Elizabeth and Andy for my awesome Friday mornings. You both are great and I will keep listening to the other podcasts (which I also love).

Chasity says:

Great Guest! Great Podcast! Totally Laime actually took my podcast virginity 🙂 I had never listened before and this had me hooked! Thanks for it all…

Polly Klaas. Major deal here in N. Cal, so sad.

Coco says:

Yup, I lived in Sonoma, one town over from Polly’s town of Petaluma, and was the same age. I was reminded of her kidnapping a few weeks ago and read the wikipedi page on the case and Richard Allen Davis. Really haunting stuff and I remember things changed for all of us after she was taken.

kristin says:

I need to do some bathroom talk here. At my job there are so many ladies that go in the bathroom with their cell phones and it grosses me the fuck out. I do it at home from time to time but would never do it in public. I don’t plan on making a public toilet stall my new hang out. I hear plenty of people chatting while peeing too and do not get it!!! Also, it really weirds me out when I see someone completely drop their pants and underwear to the ground while sitting on the toilet it public. Do people really need to do that to get their business done? Were they taught that as children? Frankly, isn’t it a bit chilly?

Anyway, such a great last guest episode! Ron has been a big crush for me for a long time.

It was only a few days ago that I realized that there won’t be new episodes on Fridays anymore. I totally knew it was coming to an end and how close we were getting but then it finally hit me that I won’t know what to listen to straight away Friday mornings at work. Maybe you had already said you were moving TBASH to Fridays after Totally Laime was finished and I forgot.

Looking forward to the last episode and will probably shed a tear as well.

Jason S says:

I spend as little time as possible in public restrooms, but unfortunately numerous times I’ve had the misfortune of seeing that yes, some guys DO in fact completely drop their pants to use a urinal. If you wanna do it at home, go for it, or if you’re dressed in a uniform or in winter gear or whatever and that makes it kind of difficult to extract the necessary organ, ok, fine, but use a stall maybe? I vividly remember being in like first grade and heading for a stall and seeing a kid in there with his pants and undies around his ankles facing the urinal and I wondered what in the world he was doing and thinking how mortified I would be to be standing where other people can see me with my pants down. I totally get why a 6 year old kid might have issues with the process and that’s fine, but I’ve seen it at least 2 or 3 times from other adults. You just really aren’t expecting to see a hairy ass when you head in to go to the bathroom at work or at the store.

O-Shen Christ says:

The spa that Ron is talking about is Harbin Hot Springs and it’s in Middleton California it’s a wonderful place to go you don’t have to be nude there but most people are

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