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The End Of The Road!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 260

Laimewads, we love you. Doing this podcast for the last five years has been incredible. With want to thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts for coming on this journey and keeping us going. Doing Totally Laime has been beautiful and fun, and touching and fulfilling in ways we never could have imagined. We hope you’ll join us over at Totally Married, Totally Mommy, and Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce – The fun will continue but we’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for the original – always and forever, Totally Laime. xo Elizabeth, Psychic Andy, Mascot Ruby, and Baby Oprah.


Jacquie F. says:

Thanks so much for the great times. I’m glad you talked about the friends you’ve made through the podcast, that was my favorite part when you had your friends on. I actually learned about your podcast from a suggestion from Janet Varney after listening to hers. I hope now and then you might have your friends like Kulap and Artemis etc. on Totally Married maybe.

I’ll keep listening on the other ones!

Joe says:

I’ll miss you guys! Will all the episodes still live on iTunes? I’ll want to re-listen to them ALL again. Thanks for everything and thanks for Totally Married/Mommy and #TBASH!

Elizabeth says:

Thanks Joe! It will still live on itunes! Reminisce away! πŸ™‚

Debi says:

Thanks for so many great episodes. Sad that it is ending, but happy that I’ll still be able to listen to your other podcasts.

Good luck with whatever comes next for you Elizabeth, I know it will be great.

LA-LA says:

So sad, but also delightful, to listen to the last Totally Laime episode. You hit a lot of my favorite moments, especially the basement window story and Adam Pally’s summer travel plans πŸ™‚

Lots of love from a longtime listener. Cheers to your special send-off!

Chasity says:

Cant wait to revisit this in 5 yrs to see how accurate Andy’s predictions were! So fun and loving, very entertaining! You did the 5 yr anniversary ending justice πŸ™‚ great works guys!!

~ThAnK YoU Sooo MuCh!!!

Elizabeth says:

Thank you all so much for all the love!!

Wanted to add that this awesome illustration of ALL the TLP guests EVER is by the fantastic Christian Duenas!

Chris says:

Thanks for everything, guys. Been listening for around 4 years and subscribed to every podcast in the Totally family. The second time Adam Pally was on, you guys mentioned how you would continue doing the show 8 years from now. What a bummer. Best of luck in Nashville or Albuquerque! πŸ˜‰
Also, thanks for putting up my drawing! If anyone wants to see a higher quality version with every single guest who’s ever been on TL, here’s the link:

Deidra says:

Prego lady crying in her office.
I’m going to miss the laughs with Totally Laime and meeting all the great guests.
Love the Totally empire! Keep on!

O-Shen Christ says:

I think I corner the market on all you ladies crying more than anyone :)) wow 2.75 million downloads is incredible!!! Why the hell don’t more listeners comment??? What a fantastic ride!! Glad we have tbash and totally married! Aloha Mahalos u r the coolest milf I know Elizabeth :))))

Alia says:

You two are such incredible people – it’s amazing how much I feel like I’ve gotten to know you through your podcasts. I first found Totally Married (at the time, I wasn’t even married, but I thought it sounded like an awesome podcast – I was right!) and through that, Totally Laime. I now listen to the podcasts with Andy’s awesome red headphones!!
Anyway, thank you for all the joy you have brought to all of us. The guests you brought on TL have been so much fun. It’s so different from other types of media. I love how authentic & genuine it felt getting to know more about people like Audrey Plaza & Mary Elizabeth through TL.

Mel says:

What a wonderful send off! Totally Laime was my gateway drug to the whole Totally Empire, so while Totally Married is my favorite, this podcast will always hold a special place in my heart.

So many great guests! I still remember how I jumped for joy the morning I saw Jason Ritter was your guest!

This isn’t goodbye, it’s “Listen to ya Monday” πŸ™‚

P.S. – I personally LOVED the Oprah game, and often find myself asking people “what are your thoughts on this?”

Jessie says:

Congratulations to you and Andy! College student here who has been listening since the beginning of my high school days. So sad I won’t have a Friday podcast to look forward to, but there is no better way to start a Monday morning than with you guys! PS… All I want in life is a shirt that says “Laimewad”!

Michael McMillian says:

You guys got me into podcasts. Podcasts got me into new friends- including you guys. It’s been a blast. Congrats on an amazing 5 years. This is just the beginning,

EMF says:

You guys are amazing! Congratulations on 5 hilarious, thought-provoking, Oprah-tinged years. You made me laugh my ass off on subways, in cars, on planes, on hikes… at home eating sandwiches over the sink. THANK YOU!!
Also- Totally Psychic Andy? Ponder…

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