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Steer Your Own Ship!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 142

Elizabeth and Vanessa share their good/bad/funnies (bye bye! Forging a hay path!/ Tooth bruisers! Missed the parent night!/ Hot blue! Finding a parking spot game!) before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about articulating to your husband that you need some “me” time, how to include your deceased parent in your children’s lives, how to deflect judgmental statements from a mother figure, how to set boundaries going into parenthood with a narcissistic mother, how to avoid having to attend an awful church when visiting grandparents, and lastly can we all cool it with all these kids snacks all day erry day?! Enjoy!


RebeccaPDX says:

This is perfect timing for this episode since we are just starting therapy for our 3 + 1/3 year old due to too much physical behavior at school and home and the moving away of a best friend that he won’t stop obsessing about. Makes me feel great to hear you had such success with behavior therapy.

Celia says:

Loved your advice to the mom who needed help telling her husband she needed a break. As you said, we all struggle with it including the guilt that you are leaving your kid(s) or husband. I only have 1 child so I’m sure it’s different with two but my husband and I agreed that Tuesday nights were my night. I could go shopping, run errands along (luxury!) or just have a glass of wine in peace. His night is Wednesday so it’s fair. Since we know those are “our” nights there isn’t any guilt or guilt trips on either side. Not only are we are both more energized for the rest of the week after some alone time but we each get special bonding time with our son which my husband had been struggling with. When you work a M-F schedule the weekends feel so sacred and precious that for us, a weeknight was the perfect solution. Plus he’s in bed at 8pm so the person at home really just has 2.5 hours including dinner and bath/bedtime.

April says:

For the writer inner asking about parenting without her mom, the newest Longest Shortest Time episode features Casey Wilson speaking about this topic.

Also, the parking spot game had me cracking up!! I will miss the kid’s antics so much!

Squashblossom says:

My year-old toddler went through a phase where he was always smacking into things with his mouth and getting cuts…actually he just got one yesterday, too! He had one REALLY bad one where there was so much blood I was convinced he split his lip, but he was fine. I felt soooo bad.

Also he gets scratches on his face when his nails get too long, and for a little while he had a gnarly bruise on his forehead/nose bridge where he bumped into the ONE step we have in our house. Looked like he was doing baby MMA.

Shannon says:

I know I am a few weeks late on this episode, but I wanted to tell you this information.A few months ago my daughter was outside running (12 months old at the time) and fell face first on the cement and her bottom teeth went right through the skin under her lip. We were both hysterically crying and my MIL who is a RN and my SIL who has 3 kids helped calm me down and once the bleeding slowed they gave my LO some sugar (cake icing to be exact). She calmed right down. Apparently, doctors say sugar does something like gives endorphin’s which makes them happier.. something like that. Either way, they say just a tiny bit helps calm them down and it worked! So just something to keep in mind if boo boos or just freak outs happen in the future!

{I have to say i get happy every time I hear that you have more questions. I am sad this will be ending. My work day is going to be horribly boring now! lol. I tried getting added to the FB page but no response yet.}

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