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Saving The Best For Last!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 145

Elizabeth and Vanessa get into our very last questions – giving their unqualified advice to listeners about whether or not to get involved with an infant niece when your brother has become an absentee dad, how to handle precocious children who comment on “big tummies”, the love is there in droves, but when does the “like” kick in with newborns, how to address severing ties with a toxic mother to your child now or in the future, whether to invite out of town family to a baby shower, what’s more important – healthy food or non religious pre school, how to navigate choosing a baby name that is more of a nickname, how to broach the subject of periods with young daughters, and what are the first steps to take when you first get a positive pregnancy test? Enjoy!


Michigan Gal says:

This episode is so timely, as my 13 month old son just got to experience me inserting the diva cup last week! I was laughing so hard, as he also had a teaspoon in his hand and was attempting to jab me with it at the same time. *Sigh* One more thing to add to the “Things I never thought I’d say” list!

Hope says:

To the mom with the child who commented on a friend’s belly, I basically agree with everything Vanessa and Elizabeth said. My kids (5 and 3) know we just don’t talk about other people’s bodies. Their entire life I’ve made it a point to never comment on other’s bodies and I never ever speak badly about my own body in from of them. As far as disabilities, I’ve told my 5 year old if she wants to discuss someone who is different from her, to either wait until we are home or to try to speak quietly to me or her dad and we’ll try to explain. My mother-in-law is blind, so we’ve had a lot of conversations about how everyone is different, some people are born different, we just happened to be born without disabilities.

To Elizabeth, my husband is a Sagittarius. He’s all of those things – energetic, charming, outgoing, adventurous, all things I love about him and make him a great dad. But he’s not a world traveler. His adventurous/energetic side comes out through competitive cycling (like biking 30-40 miles a day – he is incapable of sitting still). So maybe if you can just nurture Otis’s energy into something relatively safe and non-nomadic you’ll be all good 😊

Kristin says:

Thank you guys! I had the question about the friends belly. We don’t watch peppa pig, and are doing and saying the right things. He still just likes to talk about it probably because he is learning about body parts and maybe also because her neighbor is pregnant…? I guess we will just have to keep reminding him that it’s not appropriate to talk about other peoples bodies. I like the comment above about discussing disabilities at home.
Also, in the midst of discussing this question, Elizabeth and Vanessa forgot to discuss the second question about three qualities that you’d like to instill in your kids. Any chance you wouldn’t mind talking about it in the final episode??? Love you guys!

Meredith says:

So sad about the podcast ending. This really makes my Wednesday!

To the mom who wrote about food v church preschool – I’m agreeing with Vanessa and Elizabeth. My daughter goes to a preschool at a church and from what I noticed, the only religious thing the students do is say a prayer before snack time. I think there’s a difference between a religious school and a school at a religious building. I’m sure you could also ask a school director what their curriculum looks like as far as incorporating religious elements. Good luck!!

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