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Thank You And We Love You!

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Totally Mommy Podcast

Episode 146

To all of our listeners – thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and wine glasses) for being along for this incredible podcast (life?) journey. You’ve taught us so much about being better mothers and humans and that compassion and kindness and love conquer all. With incredible parents like you out there, our children are in good hands and the future is bright! We’ll think of you with gratitude for every good/bad/funny to be. With so much love and respect – Elizabeth and Vanessa.


Claire says:

All. The. Tears. Your sweet children remind me there is hope for this and future generations. I needed this today of all days. Thank you for this podcast.

Heidi says:

Hearing Oliver and Teddy’s voices melted my heart! I’m so sad to see this podcast go. Best wishes to Elizabeth and Vanessa. Who knows, maybe down the road we can look forward to Totally Teenagers or Totally Grandmas. #stillwithher

Jennifer says:

Love you ladies. What adorable kiddos! Best of luck! You will be missed. My Wednesdays at work won’t be the same. I second the Totally Teenagers!

Keli says:

You gals are so special ❤️. Thank you so, so much for sharing a little piece of your lives with us each week, and for helping to form this amazing community of wonderful moms! Hearing Oliver and Teddy’s voices at the end…WOW. No better way to end it. We love you and wish you all the luck and happiness in the world as you continue to pursue your dreams! We are rooting for you always!!

Ellen says:

Thank you both for this very special podcast. Thank you for sharing your time, stories, knowledge, humor, uncertainties, struggles, beliefs. (And no complaints here if you ever want to do a one-off once in a while…!) <3

Sarah says:

Thank you for this wonderful podcast! I am not even a mom (yet, will be in the future… and by that I mean in the next 10 years!) but have listened to every episode of your podcast. I relate to your inclusive, thoughtful and hilarious points of a view. You two are a an example to this future mama and I am so grateful for the message you have been putting out into the universe. You will be missed.

Dee says:

Thank you both…such a cute last episode! Please, please consider another podcast together about…well anything because I’d listen to you both read the phone book! Elizabeth, having only one Totally Laime production a week is making me real sad 🙁 What can I say I’m greedy for all you do!

Sophie says:

I listened to (almost) your whole show in about 3 weeks during work. You and your guest co hosts (especially Vanessa!!) are so informative about the issues of motherhood and I truly believe this podcast has helped me prepare to be a mother myself! Thank you for adding a little laughter to my work days! Love Totally Married as well!

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