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Micky D’s and Election Recap!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 277

Andy gives a YUGE shout out to MC Donalds, (don’t go there!) before he and Elizabeth dive right on in to more election talk. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about what to do about the crazy amount of Christmas gifts required for family when you are on a budget, how to react when you hear someone saying hurtful about people in public, and how to navigate Christmas after a family political blowup, how to handle casual dating when you’re not in it for a relationship?


Jennilyn says:

Listening to the podcast right now…the McDonald’s rumors must be true, because we’ve had the kiosks out in Utah for about a year now! You order on a touch screen, customize everything, and pay with a credit card. They still have counter service, too…so they haven’t changed everything 100% yet. And I still wait for my food near the counter, not at my seat…but maybe I’m just that weird awkward person who’s doing it wrong.

Anyway, love the podcast, thanks for making it!

Lindsay says:

It is true! I also live in Utah and have been to one in particular that does this. I spent a lot of time at this one McDonalds as it was where my father’s son always chose to meet with our son for his supervised visits.

I asked someone that was installing the kiosk and they told me it was a test market.

When you order at the kiosk there are little electronic buzzer things (similar to the ones they give you when you wait at a restaurant) and you put the number of the device on your order and sit down.

My experience has been that someone comes and pushes your tray of food in front of you and walks off. Not great customer service. They put the burgers and fries in a nice baskets. The few times I have done it they have forgotten my drink cups so you have to go to the front and ask for them.

I did not tip and would not unless they take their service up a notch.

Natasha says:

Fan of the podcast, so this is not meant as a criticism. In the last two episodes Elizabeth has incorrectly referred to a Muslim woman’s headscarf as a “hajib” when it is actually a “hijab”. I assumed the first time maybe you just misspoke, but after hearing it again I had to say something. Given the nature of the discussions taking place, I’m sure the last thing you want is to come off seeming ignorant about these minority cultures and groups you are talking about and defending. The more you know!

Claire says:

Regarding the person who wrote in with the gift exchanges over the holidays, would it be possible to suggest a price cap for everyone? Or possibly give gifts to kids only and do a Secret Santa for adults? Even with a small-ish group you can definitely still do that. Some sites allow you to put a price cap, put in a wish list, etc. My family has done this for years for the adults and it has been great!

Madison says:

So, the whole McDonald’s kiosk system is how they operate over here in Paris (and in the Italian establishment I found myself in after too much limoncello). I can’t speak to the entirety of Europe but the few I have encountered seem to indicate that this is the norm here?

I would also like to add that whilst I understand the instinct to try and absolve Trump voters, I think it is dangerous to do so. Even if an individual isn’t ‘racist,’ they decided that they could be complicit in racism. They were, at best, fine with a racist/sexist/ignorant individual representing them and being at the head of our nation. I feel like the ability to view Trump voters as being separate from the consequences of their vote is rooted in privilege and I don’t know… Just something to consider. I am still having trouble comprehending my own thoughts and emotions regarding the whole ordeal. I just personally don’t think that Trump voters should be allowed to proclaim they aren’t personally racist as some kind of virtue while they actively allowed for that rhetoric/view/hatred to rise and gain power. Hasan Minhaj’s bit on the Daily Show did a great job of addressing this issue. (

Thanks for the podcast! 🙂

April says:

For the woman with the gift issue (and holy crap that’s a ton of money to spend on gifts!!!!!)… Would it be possible to give one gift to each family unit? Like a movie night basket with candy,microwave popcorn, a Red Box gift card, etc, wrapped in a big popcorn bowl. Or a game night basket, or that kind of thing. That would be less expensive and less complicated.

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