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TBASH103 Curtis Rainsberry [Holiday Beer Shootout!]

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Totally Beverages Podcast

Episode 103

Ho Ho Ho Hoooo from RoRo & JoJo! They brought comedian and surprise beer expert CURTIS RAINSBERRY by to tackle HOLIDAY BREWS! Plus Keurig Hot / Keurig Not, alternate edible vessels, Pappy Van Winkle, beer freshness, and SO much more!


Bethany says:

I’m so excited you finally drank a Victory beer, and that it was the favorite for 2 out of 3 of you!! I’m the TBASH listener who works for them, if you forgot. πŸ™‚
Andy, my friend at work, Bryan made that label, so I’ll make sure I have him listen to the episode. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know how much you like it. It’s one of my favorites, too.

Also, you were commenting about how there weren’t really many “seasonal” IPAs- My non-brewer opinion on this is that all the really good seasonal IPAs come out in the fall, due to the Hop Harvest, and using fresh hops. Like Curtis said, IPAs are best consumed when fresh, and the flavor deteriorates pretty quickly, especially when you’re brewing a beer with wet hops (not dried, like most IPAs). So those beers are brewed VERY quickly after Hop Harvest (Our wet hops are trucked out to PA from the Yakima Valley immediately after harvesting, and we have brewers on call 24 hours a day, so they can get to work as soon as the hops arrive at our facility), and hit the shelves not long after brewing. So, that’s the focus in terms of “seasonal” when it comes to IPAs, not “holiday” type things.

Anyway, GFY! I’ll try to send you guys some beer again soon. After FedEx lost the last batch in Newark, NJ, I’m a little gun-shy about sending it. Oh, and we also make a Root Beer! I’ll try to send that out, too. It’s really, really good!

Chris says:

It’s too bad about the fall of Vine. 6 second TBASH vine reviews had a lot of potential.

Coke. YES!

Ecto Cooler. BOOM!

Mist Twist? More like Sierra Dogshit.

RIP Totally Vines

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