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Visualizing For The Win!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 283

Elizabeth and Andy discuss how visualization can set your mood straight before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to find better communication between stressed spouses, how to get on the same parenting page with your spouse, what to do about a long term friendship that has taken a turn after some disturbing family drama, and how to handle receiving and asking for creative feedback? Enjoy!


Linda Hartmann says:

Elizabeth Listening to you discuss Vice and the crazy report on Trump.
You & Andy might like this episode of Fresh Air from NPR. (Fresh Air Jan 26 2017 “What Does Putin Want”)

It’s with a British jounalist from the Guardian who was in the Moscow Bureau. He has a great deal of experience with FSB spying on him, as well as how they operate, use sex as a way to blackmail (he finally had to leave Moscow) and this will give you an idea of the credibility of Christopher Steele, the former MI 6 agent who wrote the Trump dossier as oppo research for Jeb Bush, as well as how FSB operates. I understand people were put off by the “golden shower” aspect of the report, but that’s missing the bigger picture of Trump being compromised by the FSB under Putin’s direction, and Putin’s grudge against Hillary Clinton. Steele is very respected by journalists as well as intelligence agencies all over Europe & in US. It’s difficult to double source intelligence reports, you risk exposing identities of agents & assets. Just thought you might enjoy or find very interesting. Right out of a John LeCarre book.

Good luck with the pilot! Sending good thoughts to the universe for you.

Megan says:

One place I love to get my politics info is the NPR Politics Podcast. I feel like they’re pretty balanced on there, and very factual. (Thus DJT doesn’t come out looking great, although they never outright bash him.) I’ve learned a lot there and it’s enjoyable to listen to as well.

candice says:

i second this about NPR politics podcast. i just started listening to them a few weeks ago when i was looking for some actual news and less opinion.

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