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How Do You Bounce Back?

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 284

Tough days in casa Rosen! Elizabeth and Andy discuss how to bounce back, a new “political pocket” and too many other things before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to navigate life after having an abusive mother, how to move on from a broken heart and a relationship ending with no closure, and whether “man-children” will grow up naturally or if there needs to be more inspiration to do so from their partner? Enjoy!


Megan says:

Andy, have you seen this?

I think it’s a great way to look at which news sources we’re consuming. And, of course, this graphic was created with a bias, but it’s still pretty interesting. Also, look where Vox falls on the image.

Dorrk says:

As someone who leans libertarian, this graphic feel pretty accurate to me.

Diane says:

The fact that Black Lives Matter is edging into “garbage left” (whatever that means) doesn’t give me much faith in this graphic.

Dorrk says:

I’m not a political troll. I’ve been a fan of your podcast(s) since before the Earwolf Challenge, and I don’t even discuss politics on Facebook. I say this because it hurts me to hear you talk about this stuff from such a narrow perspective, which is the root of your frustration.

The simple answer to dealing with “fake news” and better understanding the views of others (which you often caricaturize in the most unflattering and, sorry, sometime ignorant way) is to read news from a wider variety of sources.

I think you would find good food for thought from both National Review and Reason, both of which are anti-Trump but analyze news, politics and legal issues from perspectives that seem to confuse and frustrate you. The sources may also give you another angle to consider which hysterical reactions from the Left are based in sound analysis and which are just partisan hyperventilating (which is about 80%, IMO).

Also Snopes, which my side considers left-leaning, has been very useful is checking out many suspicious news memes. Just check out their dossier on Pence; some of it will confirm your ideas but some of it may add context that your news sources will never acknowledge.

Thanks for the podcasts, and I’m still listening. 🙂

Dee says:

So glad you guys are back <3. My last few Mondays have been alot better! No doubt you'll bounce back in no time Elizabeth 🙂 Andy's right- bring back Totally Laime!!!! 😉 Pleeeeeeeaase! Xxx


Hi gang!

My husband and I listen to your shows on the regular (RIP Totally Mommy). Great stuff, first off. Listening from afar (well, Canada, so not that far), you help remind us there are still lots of Americans fighting the good fight.

But as a couple of working journalists, a comment on the last Totally Married (#284) got both of our hackles up. It was about news stories not being any good with unnamed sources.

We think the bigger point you were making — that focusing on the day-to-day “Trump is angry, the White House is a gong show” stuff is far less important than keeping up political pressure — is definitely a good one.

But sometimes a source has vital information in the public interest that they can’t attach their name to for fear of losing their job, going to jail or even having their life threatened.

We’re not saying that the Vox/Politico story was anywhere close to that — it was silly headline clickbait — but having an unnamed source does not mean that it’s “fake news”.

The Watergate story broke and President Nixon had to resign, thanks to info from an unnamed source. Maybe the story that brings down President Trump (fingers crossed) will come from an unnamed source too?

We all definitely need to be careful about where we place our trust, in today’s complex media environment. But throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to unnamed sources actually makes things worse for all of us, not better.

Anyway, just something to think about it. Keep up the good work!

Nick says:

It just seems like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding on both of their parts about the nature of political reporting. Unless a reporter keeps their sources a secret, chances are that they won’t be able to use those sources again. At a certain point, readers simply have to make a judgment call as to whether they trust the reporter and the reporter’s reputation.

Lisa says:

I’m a journalist too and I always cringe a little when they talk about media and the news business :-/

Vanessa says:

I have started looking at the headlines through They aggregrate the news sources and give three related articles from the left, right and center.

Ellen says:

Like Andy, I had the “I don’t think it’s over…” feeling. I got pretty invested in seeing a young Elizabeth/Young Andy in NYC. Either way, it’s a huge accomplishment to get the pilot sold. I hope to see some future version or other product on screen one day.

Lisa says:

I am so sad that the pilot didn’t get picked up! I’m with Andy, I feel like this show will happen somehow. I know part of you wants to let it go out of frustration, but please please don’t give up! Rooting for you!

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